Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ganapati Bappa!!

Mumbai … Hadsoon ka shahar… These were the first words I had heard about Mumbai Amchi Mumbai… in one of the songs... The city sounded me very different than I have seen in movies.. I was there to halt for a night to catch an early morning flight to GOA for my product trials…

All over the streets the idols of Lord Ganesha were made to celebrate his birthday … the enthusiasm amongst people were so much it came on street from home……. The first introduction to me of this festival was from the movie Dard ka rishta where they celebrate this festival to save the life of Sunildutt’s daughter khoshboo... and now I was the part of it and worshiping with other people of Amchi mumbai…

Is it we really understand the meaning of Lord Ganesha the GOD of knowledge…A large forehead indicatation of a brilliant mind.

His ears, which appear like large winnowing baskets, to separate grains from dirt, one must use discrimination (viveka) to separate the real (Brahman) from the unreal (Maya). His large ears, like the winnow, also sift the bad from the good Ganapati meaning leader of the ganas (public) as a leader should listen to everybody. It is also important for a leader not to let out all that he knows or all that he has been told; that is why Lord Ganapati has a large stomach.
A large trunk to scent out the smallest problem. The biggest and minutest of tasks are within the range of this trunk which is symbolic of Ganesha's intellect and his powers of discrimination.

A unique combination of his elephant - like head and a quick moving tiny mouse vehicle represents tremendous wisdom, intelligence and presence of mind. Also, his corpulent body, awkward gait, broken tusk and guffaw tell us that outward beauty has no relation to inner perfection.

By following few of these things in our efforts and the culture, can lead us to big results … not much like the Lord Ganesha but at least to the positive direction…

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi!!

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Kavi said...

Ganesh Chaturthi was a festival of simplicity in the age old times. The modern day Ganeshs has become an avatar of commecial reasoning !

Its a great festival nevertheless !!