Monday, December 28, 2009

Colours of Christmas!!

Siddharth made this at school, on the Christmas eve. He called this as reed and shared the below story about the colours of christmas, which i never knew. 
Green colour: जॅहा पे jesus born हुए थे..वाहा पेड़ था ओर वो green colour का था
Red color : एक अंकल थे वो देखते रहते थी किस गर्ल को क्या चाहिए और डाइयरी में नोट करते थे जो भी गर्ल कहते उसे ड्रेस चाहिए वो उसे ड्रेस दे देते ...वो Santa  के कपड़े पहनते थे और वो  red color का था!
White Colour : White snow पड़ती थी  jesus के पास घर नही था और white उनका favourite colour बन गया... 

Christmas Cake Siddharth learned at school and we tried at home.. they tasted yum..

Siddharth giving cake to Lakshmi didi...
Siddharth got Truck, book, bubble wala and gulel as a gift from Santa, vivek got the perfume and me got the pair of red socks...

दिल है छोटा सा छोटी सी आशा...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

कुछ दिल से!

The last month of the year is at the end, with the new year at few days  apart making new promises and new commitments. So many things happened in this last month that i just could not get the time to come here..

Here is the snapshots:

Me and Siddharth did the role of Santa at Siya's  Birthday party daughter of our friends Asha and Sumant .. With love i call Siya puttar (means son/daughter in punjabi) and now she fondly calls me Santa Claus..:)

 Siya with hum sab kee favourite Jyoti Massi

Then we met with the new member of our family.. Siddharth's little sister Shreya ( Vivek's brother daughter)

Cute little Shreya on a bean bag 
and Siddharth met his Vipin Chachu(Vivek's brother)  after Five years as they live in US .. 

Siddharth with his Chachu

आ चल के तुझे में ले के चलूं एक ऐसे गगन के तले
जहाँ गम भी ना हो आँसू भी ना हो बस प्यार ही प्यार प्ले...!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kuch nayee Kadam!!

Siddharth With his friends Mani & Khushi at the skating ground 

This Sunday was spent at Delhi, Siddharth participated in an event of skating. This was the first competition for siddharth. 

The ground was full with kids, Siddharth was quite confident like all other kids. I remembered when i have to perform in a fancy dress show at the age of seven i was really nervous. Now  day's kids are very confident. 


All of the kids performed very well. Though he has not got the first position but he was happy on getting a trophy and certificate for participation. When he shared this in his class at school,he mentioned अगर में First आता तो मुझे मेडल मिलता...(if i would have scored the first position i could get the medal)

Siddharth with the participation certificate and trophy
I am glad at his participation, anyways he has given me the award for life as he has started reading three letter words in English....

यूँही क्ट जाएगा सफ़र साथ चलने से
मंज़िल आयगी नज़र साथ चलने से...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aapko Pata Hai..

मम्मी बीज कैसे बनता है, मुझे नही पता... 

बीज ऐसे बनता है.. पहले मिट्टी होती है, पानी होता है, हवा होती है और वो सारी मिक्स हो जाती है... उसके बाद वो एक बीज बन जाते है.. ( There is a sand, water and air they make seed by mixing)

आप मुझे क्यूँ पूछ रहे हो.. ऐसे ही.. So now a days he has answers and shares with me also.. It is fun to converse with Siddharth...   

Last weekend was spend at Punjab.. On the way i saw cottonseed plants ,we stopped the car and went near to the plant.. Siddharth was excited to see and wondering how come a cotton grows on plants.. 

Siddharth in the fields of cotton at Punjab

We pluck one flower so that he can share in the class, below is the version of sharing... 

यह cotton का प्लांट है.. मैं जब अपनी नानी के घर गया थे, मैने रास्ते में यह देखा.. यह ऐसा एक प्लांट है, जो तोड़ने के बाद भी उग जाता है.. ( it is a cotton plant, i plucked it on the way to my nanny house, this is the only plant which grows after plucking also) 

Since we plucked a bud, and it converted into a flower after plucking.. which we didn't notice and Siddharth made a good observation.. 

The class teacher has kept the cotton plant in the school. to use again for the winter theme... and Siddharth is very glad .. Making me think again.. 

आपको पता है....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday at School!!

Every year we are invited on Siddharth's Birthday to his school for the lighting of Lamp ( Diya) I have always loved this and me and Vivek both look forward to it..

The ceremony goes like this, after doing the exercise and chanting of mantras, we parents are asked to come to his class. we need to take sweets they don't allow anything else.

We sit with Siddharth in the circle along with the whole class and didi's  and the below is the poem which school sings..

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to me
Every moment we are born,
Every moment we are free
Happy birthday to all of us
Happy Birthday to me...

And then one of the parent lit the diya... and then Didi says Bhoomi group (Siddharth) sing your song... and then they sing the song we all know yes...

Happy Birthday to you.. Happy birthday dear Siddharth... Happy Birthday to you....

Then we are back home with these sweet memories... but this time we came back with surprise that Siddharth did not cry to come back home with us.. He was enjoying with his friends.. 

And i found the real meaning in the poem.. 

Every moment we are born.. 
Every moment we are free... 
Happy birthday son!! 

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Birthday Siddharth!!

Siddharth felt excited for the celebration of his birthday. We celebrated Siddharth’s birthday with creativity and some different way.. 

This time creativity started from the invitation card, i have a good collection of old marriage cards, so we used the plain side for the pasting of printouts which has a nice little poem on it..

 आयो खेले..खेल खेल में..
मनाये हम यह दिन..मेरा जनमदिन.. 
तुम भी आयो.. हम भी मिले.
और मिल कर करें शोरना हम हो बोर
मस्ती में हो जाए सराबोर… 

Siddharth designing and making stories on the back of card

Invitation card
All the kids were invited to the Play Zone area, a place in a shopping mall which is normally used as a baby sitter when parents shop.. we choose as birthday destination..

And the kids had so much of fun beyond our expectations… below are the few pictures..


खेल खेल में मनाया हम ने यह दिन
बहुत मजा आया....................

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Dear सिद्धार्थ,

Today when i have forget to tuck you in your bed, you came to me and told me Mama आपने मुझेटक नही किया, I remember the day, when i got the news from the doctor it is a son.. and i saw a bundle of joy in the hands of doctor. I still have the remeberances of the day, when i fall down on the floor carrying you in my tummy , and i rushed to the doctor.. But you were alright, you are brave from that day..

Today when you can sleep alone in your room, मेरा दिल यह मानने को तेार नही की तुम इतने बड़े हो गये. बहुत बार तुम्हारी प्यार्री बातें मान को मोह लेती हैं और सबसे मस्त तुमहरे ज़वाब That take us by surprise many times... मेरा दिल यह मानने को तेार नही कीतुम १०८ pieces का jigsaw puzzle बिना डिब्बा पे तस्वीर देखे बना लेते हो...

मुझे आज भी वो दिन याद है जब तुंँगे चलना नही सीखा और मैं डॉक्टर की बात से रोने लगी, और आज तुम दौड़ में मुझे पीछे छोड़ देते हो...

वो भी दिन था जब में तुम्हे शबाद सिखाती थी और आज तुम मेरे बहुत शबाद बिना बोलेसमझ लेते हो..तुम्हारी पहली हँसी, पहली धूप और तुम्हारी पहली किताब, जब मेरा मान करता तुम पड़ते रहो और आज तुम मुझे रोज रात को किताब पड़ने को कहते हो... Life changes my son and with this change we also change.. there are few things in you which i love and feel should never change...

Your kindness towards people, your reasoning, your style of questioning, your creatvity और तुमहरा प्यार, तुमहरे सपने...

Today on your birthday i wish you love, success and togetherness...

God bless you amen!!

With lots of love
Your mom...

ps: i am not allowing comments for this post.. wait for the next one how he had fun on his birthday.. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nine Hills!!


She goes to a nice liquor shop( as the girls can walk easily it is in supermarket)  buys herself a bottle of Nine Hills and comes back.. as they are leaving for a trip and they need wine...


She walks again in the same shop and asks for one Nine hills and another Rivera as she likes Nine Hills and her husband likes Rivera..

Young Man: Lady if you buy two bottle of nine hills i will give you two wine glasses for free.. 
Lady: I am buying two wines one is Rivera and another is nine hills see if you can give me glasses with this.. a spontaneous reply as always she gives...
Young Man: okay take it.. 

she walks out of the shop with a triumph on her face and goes to the car where her husband is waiting and surprised him with glasses..


She walks  again today the same shop...

Lady: Two Bottles of Nine Hills, is your scheme for two free glasses on.. 
Salesperson: Yes Madam, give me 1100/- 
Lady: No you are wrong, i have bought Nine Hills twice earlier and paid 450/-  per Bottle... 

This time the owner who is standing besides lady turns and tells her, Mam i will show you the list and you will pay me for the previous ones also..

Lady: No i will not pay for the previous one but surely have a look at your price list.. 
So with full confidence on him he opens the list and guess what is the price on it... yes you are right 450/-  The lady with a smile on her face tells the owner now give me two bottles for 900/- .. 

The owner tells the sales person to do the same, cuts the price with his pen and make it 550/- and the lady again comes out with a triumph and laughing a lot.. :)

and she is happily narrating the incident to her brother who just met her outside the shop... 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Diwali a festival of lights.. I have always loved this festival as it brings joys to all. In my childhood we use to clean our house, visit our relative distribute sweets and get their blessings..

Though now it is different now, different not making clean as main agenda as with full time domestic helps the house is cleaned on daily basis..

Siddharth made this diwali more beautiful by making rangolis himself.


With the help of our front door neighbor they made the flower and his name and then finally decorated with flowers and lights...

He played firecrackers also as he calls it fondly pathake fodne hai...  now a days we eat less of sweets.. it was overall fun visiting friends exchanging gifts, wearing new cloths and eating fruits and dryfruits... below are the lines of the diwali song siddharth learn at school and was singing when he feel like...

diwali aayee diwali aaye.. roshnee layee... aayo diwlai manayee.. aayo diyeen jalayieen

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fabulous day!!


I got a call from Siddharth school, he has 100 + fever, kindly take him home.. The school gets panicked due to swine flu.. and in turn i was worried. We rushed to the hospital and he is normal after two dosage of crocin.. and i am happy to see him back in action and making boat from a balloon..


We were on the way to home from hospital, he saw a ballon wala.. he wanted to buy a ballon. After taking the ballon i was about to start car, he started a conversation with balloon wala..

Siddharth: Bhaiyaa aapko kitne paise bachte hai.. ( how much money you save) 
Balloon wala: looking quite puzzled, as he never expected this question from a five year old kid.. 
Siddharth: again the same question
Balloon wala: yeh saree bech ke ghar chala jatoon hoon.. aur time pass ho jata hai.. aap yeh bansuri loge.. 
Siddharth: Mama le lo.. 
We bought the flute.. then he wished him Happy Diwali. The Balloon wala got so touched that he gave him one extra balloon. 


We came home, Siddharth let's wash hands. 

Me: Siddharth aapko pata hai aaj Global handwash day hai.. 
Siddharth: Mama woh kya hota hai.
Me: Today they are celebrating as hand wash day so people will pludge that they will always wash hands, when come home.. before eating food.. 
Siddharth: Mama kaise..
Me: Jaise gandhi jayanti hota hai.. we celebrate, today Govt has taken the intiavtive.. 
Siddharth: Achaa to aaj govt ka birthday hai.. 

and after this i was just laughing and he also joined me...

SCENE 4 : He wanted to watch the people who are playing with fireworks.. 

Me: Siddharth rule no. 1 , stay away from crackers.. rule no. 2 when they burst out don't touch them.. puchoo kyoon
Siddharth: Kyoonki usme swine flu hota hai.. 
Yeh tumhari meri batein hameshaa yuhi chalti rahein
So after this fabulous day he has gone off to sleep, and i was thinking this post is as fabulous as i have got this award from Nazish Rahman Thanks for the award..  

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cross and zeros!

Mama lets play cross and zeros.. he filled his board with the empty boxes and wanted me to fill... We started playing and he surprised me with a tact that both of us can win.. he always put his chance at such a place that both can win.. after playing two games  i could understand his strategy.. 
Like in the above we both won... have you ever done that i have done for the first time with him... and it was fun!!

Zindagi kee yahi reet hai.. 
jeet ke bhi nayi jeet hai...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cute Conversation!!

Siddharth: Mama i want to play at park
Me: Siddharth, you can play but don't spoil your cloths
Siddharth: why? he is always ready with it
Me: We are going to market in few minutes.
Siddharth: ok

After 10 minutes he comes back home his hands and feet are completely in sand... I looked at him and he said innocently.. Kapde to saaf hai na... ( my cloths are clean) 

As always i don't have any answer but my favourite gazal.. 

Bachoon ke nazuk hathoon ko asmaan choo le ne do.. 
Do chaar kitabein pad ke yeh bhee hum jaise ban jayengee

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wake UP SID!!

Siddharth's first attempt at Poem.. I have listened, written and written again on internet without any editing .. 

Hope u like it. Here is the link Siddharth's blog

I am proud of you Beta!!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Happiness or Money?


We got the hard earned  money of 80 K back from a big retail store.


We moved to our apartment on Jan13th  2008. This is the only main furniture missing at our home. We thought we will buy it later as the furniture we like costs a lot and our whole focus will be on managing and saving it from our little cute Siddharth. As he may like to do some drawing or run his cars over it..

So it got postponed to make our house more child friendly.. But 28th September was the day we all decided that it’s the time to get this furniture in our home..

Me and Vivek spend the whole day searching and looking for the options.. Siddharth was taken care by a very close friends..

Here we are on this fateful day at the INDIA’ best largest retail store, we both liked it very much. It is costing a bomb but then calculating some permutation and combination we decided to buy it.. We had spent two to three hours to finalize it…  At the last moment when the sales person went to take the papers to fulfill the formality my heartbeat was at its most and the moment I shared with Vivek we both ran to the third floor of the store, to think and rethink our decision. Then Vivek cutely hold my hand and we came back to swipe our plastic card to have this furniture..

We came home and the store promised to deliver it next day. Here it comes on the next day to our home… and my heart gets the biggest thump… as it has taken the most precious space in our room and it is too bulky.. Here comes the second piece and I have two little diamond drops rolling over my cheeks…

The moment Vivek saw this he understood that these are genuine diamonds drop.. so we decided to return it, as we are not liking this at our home. Without bothering about the money, we helped delivery boys to repack and take it back.

Today is the day when we both are feeling happy over the fact that for both of us happiness is the first priority over money…

You must have understood I am taking about which furniture.. yes it is SOFA … which we bought and sent back.. Below is the look of our room without it and I love it… What do you say??

One life live it!! 

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Joy of Giving!!

We were attending a wedding yesterday night..Siddharth saw a balloonist and wanted to buy a balloon..

I was thinking of the way to get the money, as my wallet was not with me.. Siddharth came and told me Mama i will share the balloon with the boy sitting next to our chair as he saw the other boy requesting his grand mom for the money for balloon..

Here comes our Ram Ban my brother and he handed 50 rupees to Siddharth, i told Siddharth to get the balloon and the change.. he came with a triumph Mama uncle ne gubara free de diya.. as he gave 4 notes of 10 bucks..

The moment he got the balloon, he told me to wait for one minute and i was wondering where this boy is going.. and was glad to see that he has gone to offer the balloon to the other boy.. and they both were playing like they are friends for a long time..

Siddharth gave the joy to the other boy, in the week of giving joy... i was overwhelmed with this gesture of his.. 

aa chalke tujhe main leke chalon ek aissee gagan ke talee

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Award and a Tag !!

Here comes two awards and a tag...I was awarded and tagged by Neha...thanks Neha..
here are my answers:

1.What is your current obsession ? Music, song - Beautiful Girl by INXS i can listen to song 30 times... or more...

2. What are you wearing today? Yellow Kurta and Black Pazami

3. What’s for dinner? Surprise as we are going to attend a wedding...   

4. What’s the last thing you bought? A saree from Fab along with some jewellary 

5. What are you listening to right now? Beautiful girl by INXS on my Ipod

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you? The most sweet and kind person on the Blogsphere

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?  On THE banks of GANGES

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer? Music and water

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? On the top of Himalayas...

10. Which language do you want to learn? Language the small kids speak

11. What’s your favorite quote?" A clam sea never makes a skillful sailors" 

12. Who do you want to meet right now? Neha , who tagged me..

13. What is your favorite color? Brown 

14. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own closet? All my sarees

15. What is your dream job? I am doing my dream job...

16. What’s your favorite magazine? Reader's Digest

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on? On the music system of Boss

18. What would you like to be written on your tombstone? This is my question i would like to ask and my answer would be she lived!!

19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon? SRK..

20. What kind of haircut do you prefer? The one i have currently..

21. What are you going to do after this? Going to drop Siddharth for his Skating Class

22. What are your favourite movies? GolMaal, Dor, Bucket List ..

23. What are three cosmetic/makeup/perfume products that you can't live without? Perfume of Hugo Boss, A face cream of Garnier, Lip Gloss

24. What inspires you ? A smile

25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you:  Wear your confidence, love your attitude and have the greatest smile

26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)? Shuffle my closet 

27. Coffee or tea? Coffee

28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed? Go for Shopping it makes me feel happy

29. What is the meaning of your name? Independence as i born on the INDIA independence day

30. Which other blogs do you love visiting? Blogs on the list of blogs i enjoy reading on my blog

31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet? Ras Malai

32. Favorite Season ? Spring

33. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me? Rajma Chawal

34. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you? Let the relationship stand at the same level it is

35. My question: what are you afraid of the most? I fear of GOD 

Rules for those who are tagged:Respond and rework – answer these questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own, and add one more question to the list. Then tag eight or ten other new set of people.

I enjoyed answering hope u too do I tag:

A childhood Journey 





Monday, September 28, 2009

Award day!!

I came back from a trip ... and saw someone special has some sweet surprise for Siddharth and his mom at her blog...

Here is the first one for Siddharth ... Thanks Neha

I like the way she thought of Siddharth and wrote...Thanks Neha it is very very sweet of you.. I am sure when Siddharth will read it he will appreciate it..

And here is the second one..

Thanks Neha, for making my day special and this beautiful award... 

Jeevan ke har mod per mil jayeengee humsafar...........

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Josh Trip 6 - Jaipur JAI HO!!

Mama hum kahaan ja rahe hai.. Siddharth we are going to Jaipur, Mama wahaan pe mausam kaisa hai.. Siddharth jaise yahaan hai.. to phir wahaan kyoon ja rahe hai..

So this is how the josh trip 6 started, i call them josh trip as they are not planned  much before, we had long weekend so picked the car and drove...

Siddharth aapko fort dekhna hai ya hotel ke kids club mein Mazza karna hai.. Mama dono was the reply..

Here we are at the fort Jaigarh at Jaipur...

The main attraction in the Fort is the World Largest Canon, Jaivana cannon is the largest wheeled cannon ever constructed, located at this Fort. Cast in 1720, during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur. The formidable strength of its builder, the scientifically inclined warrior Sawai Jai Singh II, lay in the large number of artillery and copious supply of munitions which he maintained. Jaivan rests on a high 4 wheeled carriage. The front wheels are 2.74 m in diameter and the rear wheels are 1.37 m in diameter.The length of the barrel of the cannon is 20 feet 2 inches and it weighs 50 tons
The eight metals, Silver, Gold, Aluminium, Steel, Raanga, Copper, Brass and Iron were used to make this Canon.. It was a magnificent look. It was played only once till date..

    We three with the world largest canon..

This Fort is Still with the family of Raja and is run by their own management, The interesting fact was you can know whether the Raja is present in the city or not by looking at the flag..As the flag will be there on the fort if king is present in the city...

The Boundary wall spread in an area of 12 km around the fort, In previous times it was filled with water and crocodile.. If someone attempts to cross the crocodile will have it for food. Vivek says, if someone can climb so high to the mountain then they can climb the wall also.. 

The old age water cooler

There were swings on the trees, and Siddharth had fun and Mama was clicking...

In Jaipur, there is Jaigarh Fort, And Amer Palace to Visit, Both these places are adjacent.. The another interesting place is outside the City Palace...

A place of pigeons, as Siddharth calls them pigeon friends.. It is considered to be a auspicious place.. There are shops who sell Dana for these pigeons.. Pigeons are there for the last 70 to 80 years.. Initially there were two shops.. as the family extended now there are 10 shops

Siddharth with Pigeons.. i call this as my best shot

Hurray, pigeons has flown..

Like Father like son
After  back to hotel, Siddharth had shower in the fountain of the Garden...

Moments Son having fun with his father and water...

 This picture is for Neha... 

Dil Dhoondta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din...........

ps: watch out this space for the Josh Trip 7 and the major one..... :) 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Half Kg Onion and One Kg Potato

Morning are more busy, when you know that your domestic help ( fondly called as maid) is not coming, and i was by all means trying to finish things in the time given... 
It is when i realized that i dont have onion and potatoes to cook the fastest thing for breakfast, and then here come my strength when i see my little cute son has become so big that he can take decision and execute them with the full strength... 
I was requesting Vivek to go and get the things, when Siddharth came and volunteried that he will go and get the vegetables.. I asked him to bring half kg onion and one kg potato, it was really cute the way he was reapeating.. He got down the lift and called me from the intercom, mama kitna alooo aur kitna pyazz.. me and vivek were laughing... 
And here he is with half kg onion and one Kg potato.. ..
Siddharth with great triumph and smile on his face
Even though he started sleeping before but this was the one which gave me more happiness.... 
Siddharth on his bed...
May GOD bless you my baby  with more strength, so you will be able to take many more big decision of life.. and may  i get the opporunity to click each one of them... and write them here..... AMEN!!