Tuesday, August 20, 2013

गर्मी की छूटी से जन्मदिन तक!!

This space has been ignored for a very long time.. Life is running at its pace. My mind is occupied with so many things that could not get time to concentrate and write. Today when i read the blog of my other friends it inspired me to write the post. This post is an update on the life spent in the last three months.

In my last post where Reet has started walking, today she walks completely. The journey from first steps to the more steps has been wonderful. I talked to myself that when we go to pick Siddharth from school after the summer vacation, Reet will walk on her own. As if she listened to my thoughts and the moment we steeped out of the house, she walked on her own. That was the first day that she walked and did not hold my finger.

The summer this time was very different from all other holidays, With Siddharth reaching to his preteen age and getting more independent he wanted to do activities on his own . His love for books has increased so much that he did not like to do anything in the summer. We finished the whole project work for summer in the last three days, where we both had great fun in creating poems, crosswords and different layout for his work. We had conflicts on the opinion where i took time to understand what was in his mind and finally i agreed to him. 

After the summer, Reet started walking. It took me time to believe that she was on her own now. Her love for exploring thing has experimented many things from our wallet to each drawer in the house. She can make tower by staking pieces.

With both of them growing, there are some moments where i felt that time should stop here. Here are the few pics

 उड़ी, नींदें आँखों से जुड़ी, रातें ख्वाबों से मूडी, यह जाने मैं कहाँ!!