Monday, December 15, 2008

Siddharth & Bakugun!

Justify FullAap mere saath Bakugun khelgo... Siddharth will come and asks me innocently.... not interested is hard to tell Siddharth.. but that's his new passion... the only game which i don't know how to play but he seems to know all in and out of the game... i cannot say Baby it so boring for me as he even wants to sleep with Bakugun, take it to the school and to the friends house you must be thinking what it is.. when i shared with my brother he said what it is i said you call Siddharth he will explain you..
It is a new Chinese game which is a battle game between two or more characters all of them has these difficult and uncommon name... Siddharth saw first time at his friends place and he wanted me to buy this for me.. first time i got trapped .. and here we are playing Bakugun...
This is quite interesting to know about these Chinese characters like pokemon, power rangers that really attract kids... and nothing of these toys is less than one thousands or 500/- bucks.. i will always compare it with a book of worth 500/- but yes this time the heart of mom has won over an intelligent lady yes i am happy because Siddharth is happy...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hamara Manch 2008!

Saturday was an annual function at Siddharth school, they name it as Hamara manchSiddharth day was started with the chant of om in the class and then the Gayathri mantar,

The teacher has written hamara manch on the stage, The way it was written was very creative; you cannot guess in the first go that it is alphabets... that is the theory of the school that there any many unfolded and unseen layers on the children mind which we overlook…

Siddharth learnt the whole poem; I was amazed when they started practice he did not enjoy much, he use to share with me Mamma maine aur kunwar ne practice kharab kar dee... I was just listening and wanted him to take his own decision… Then a day before Hamara manch he shared Mamaa didi (class teacher they call didi) ne bola aap sab achaa karo aur hamara manch achaa ho jayegaaa… then he was with full of his energy and then reciting the whole poem with actions I was again listening to him... it was fun and quite impressive of Siddharth that he remembered the whole poem specially the Three parrots which is a favorite of Me, Vivek and Siddharth….

Below are the pictures of his stage performance….

There was a stage performance, where the kids were making the map of india and representing national integrity, looking at that had tears in my eyes….

Siddharth best friends Amreen sarah, also came with us, and these all had great fun on the slider at the school including Vivek….

and everybody was telling Vivek to deposit the fee at the school!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun with the Colors!

Siddharth completed five years of his life by God’s blessing on this Nov. seven. Till now his birthday has been a very close celebration with the family, as i have always felt the kids get ignored, though this birthday also it was the same. But he enjoyed a lot as it was whole of his class. Yes it was great responsibility, and we don’t want to celebrate it in a common way not at Pizza hut or any other restaurants, what could be different. Few days back, I and Siddharth went to the colour factory to paint a pottery; there it clicked me the idea for the birthday party….

It was a complete fun with the colors, you paint your feelings, you express your feeling by painting... it's your own creativity yes few kids were biased by their mom to chose the right piece of pottery to paint, sometimes i really feel why we need to impose our wishes on these kids.. anyways this blog is not about this...

And it came out amazing, all the kids, mom loved it… the day started with the making of Piñata bag, where you fill it with the toffee, pencil, or whatever u feel and then break in the party..

All the kids were given a choice; to choose a piece to paint and then paint it with your own choice of colours… they bake this pottery in the kiln and then gave back to you... The below pictures shows how engrossed kids were…

kho na jayein yeh tarien zameen par.............................

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The youngest Marathon Runner!

The last weekend was jam packed, Saturday Siddharth’s birthday I will write later as some beautiful pictures are on the way…. and Sunday we participated at Delhi Half Marathon Delhi Run, Thanks to Niru, who gave us the opportunity to enjoy this. The run was 7 KM but before start also we have to walk close to 5 KM. So the total run for us was 12 Km. Siddharth was the youngest in the marathon run… The runs started with the wear of pink wigs, everyone was looking cute including Siddharth...

He star
ted the run with full of enthusiasm like his parents and Niru Massi… After one hour he got tired and said Mama Ghar chalo car pe… then few of Niru’s company people came and told Siddharth you are very good you are running fast and he started walking again.. Me and Vivek were amazed… when we finish the line …. Siddharth could run…only thing was he slept for 16 hr after the run… and he proved to be the youngest runner for this delhi run… Congratulations Siddharth for this major achievement!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Festival of Lights!!

Diwali, the festival of lights brings light, happiness, success and achievements to life… Many new things I came to know about Siddharth, we were making rangoli’s at home he came for the help to me. I will fill the flowers as he did the same at his school also…

The day started with a fancy dress show of Siddharth, he wore vivek’s T shirt and had fun in enjoying it… the last few days were hectic distributing gifts to friends, and good they liked the gifts we gave them.. I remember in our bachpan the gifts were only sweets… but yes now days you have many option... Make some rangoli’s in the afternoon.

Siddharth was not liking the noise by crackers few days back, but yesterday he surprised me when he wanted to play with crackers also.. Last moment got few crackers like chakri for him..

He had fun with his close friends amreen and Sara and with Mustafa Uncle they all joined to make the train…

And in the last with Vivek they all climbed high on the steps of joy, happiness, togetherness and success!

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Life!

Back after a very long time… and promise to myself that now I will be regular…Life is growing.. Siddharth is growing with the new talks with the new experience in life, and makes me feel happy the way i feel looking at the new leaf in the plants in the morning.. He has a beautiful circle of friends.. Which we came to know at birthday celebration of his school…

The way he talks things, about his school, his friends, the learning’s from the school makes you feel happy … On Gandhi Jayanti he was telling me Mama Gandhi jee ne bola, apna kaam khud karo, kabhi kissi ko maro nahi hameshaa sach bolo….

Yesterday night he painted a beautiful painting… He is making new patterns new design with his blocks.. his new world with the new spring …..New festive season…………….new life with him....

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Unity in Diversity!

This Video took me back into my bachpan memories... i found it so refreshing... We need to play this again and again....

Mast Raho!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Colors in Siddharth's Life!

Life is adding many new colours to Siddharth's life, with his growth. He understands our moods, our emotions very well.. Yesterday when we were in the park, he wanted to play cricket with big boys and showed in his interest in balling. I was just thinking he has grown big now and started to teach him how to throw a ball..
We bought a Casio piano to Siddharth, the way he was playing with the keys on it that the music was perfect.. it was soothing... it was marvelous..
After some time he was dancing on the demo tune and was singing his favorite songs along with it...
Kho na jayeein yes tarein zameen par.................

Friday, February 29, 2008

Bahut hee bhole yeh nanhe munne!

Thanks to Niru for sharing such a lovely thought in the morning with a one liner ... We can never get this way again ... so enjoy!

We can never be so innocent, so sometimes i feel is the knowledge is good or bad.. the more knowledge we have more restrict we make our thinkings............

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hamara Manch!

This Saturday was Hamara Manch at Siddharth's school.. All the kids participated in a team and performed on the manch.... from the last few days Siddharth is entertaining us at home by singing one or another song….
All the kids were dressed in the dresses based on the theme…
Siddharth’s class Dew drops… they were dressed in T shirts designed by their didi’s …. All the kids were really very confident, they were not shying and participated very well… They were singing different songs like

पानी बरसा चम चम , chaaata लेकर nikle हम ,

phisel गए हम niche chaata ऊपर हम ....

I was amazed to see the co-ordination between the team of these small wonders….

एक दो एक दो बड़ते कदम , भारत माँ

का bachein हम, नही jhukengee नही rukengee आगे बड़ते जायें कदम !

Monday, February 11, 2008

Making a home to shifting home!

Project 802 is the name of the file I had on my comp for our home made at Vipul Green.

We booked this apartment three years ago, the letter came for the possession on my first brother birthday and we got the keys to the house on the second brother birthday and I am one sister blessed with these two brothers so is my home.

Siddharth is so excited to move into the new home, there are swings just down the tower and a swimming pool for kids and elders separately.

The work started on 14th Jan and going on…. I had an amazing experience of making it; the builders gave the kitchen as a raw space… so all your creativity to make a kitchen… The memories of running to the market just after the office, carrying the kitchen doors, handles and so many other things in my hand and then going home and packing for the movement are still very fresh… But I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process… I met so many other Moms while this, but none was as excited as I was.

I feel so great in talking to others about the knowledge I have gathered from the making of kitchen…. The carpenter was so glad on getting good ideas on the making of drawer.....

I was really amazed the way people work, could see a very similar co-ordination the way we work at co-operate world…. People management is the same wherever you are and whatever you make… either a home or a product at the factory…………………..