Friday, June 27, 2014

Chennai 4 - A pink butterfly

Today morning when me and your brother were doing a painting session, we both wanted to finish our painting before you wake up.  As we know the moment you are up you would like to do what your bhai is doing. I know you are good at painting but you are good at so many other things also, like the pink butterfly which has so many hidden colors in her that you only know when you go near her. 

Today you are 30 months old. For a two and half year old child, your color of expression, behaviour are much more than your age. 

Independence is one which defines  you best. You can wear your sandals on you own, do not need any help in feeding. You do not like if anyone feeds you and I am only allowed at special foods like rice  kheer, milk biscuits,your favourite chocolate brownie. We cannot hide chocolates from you, you love them most and have an appetite for eating more than 10. Now you do not even need our help to open wrapper for you. You like to eat whole apple like me and sometimes like banana. More than fruit, you like peel of banana to press it on floor. I give you your own plate, but you like to eat from Bhai plate always. You are going to miss same now for four months as he is going for residential school. Do not worry take this as part of growing. 

Dressing up is always a fun time for you and me, you can distinguish very well between your clothes from others, about shoes you are never wrong. As you know clearly which shoes belong to whom in home. When you are ready, you bring my favourite chappal to me and commands in your clear voice, Pahno. You say it with so much of love and affection that no one can refuse you. When I apply cream at my face, you show me that twinkle in your eyes which only gets satisfied when I apply same cream to you. You love to wear bangles and dupatta. 

Implementation is one you have inherited from me most, you exactly know which word to be used in talking. You pick up things so fast from us, that we do not even get a chance to figure out from whom you picked these words. Now a days here in few days you have learned everyone name. When you call Puglandi, Shanker, Ragu , Vedamma, Alanggara  at Srishti they all look forward to you more than me. And to share one more thing with you, they have all saved my mobile number in your name Reet. 

While greeting and departure you are always happy and never forget to say Vedamma good morning. And the way you stay bye so clear and with authority people do not want to leave you. 

Being innocent and adorable find your admirers, where ever you go. At that time, I become very possessive and do not let anyone even touch your face also. Whenever you are upset, only my lap makes you calm. I love that feeling and I just want you to be there in my lap always.

When you get up in morning, unlink your Bhai who always wanted to see me first.You are comfortable with Bhai and papa both. 

Music instruments and music tunes attract you most. You can play a drum, can manage a flute very beautifully. No tune of any song or rhyme is difficult for you to learn. I am glad that you are very open to new things and learn fast. 

All games which me and Bhai plays you have learned so fast and want us to play with you, let me tell you one thing you do not let Bhai and me play anything and we do not like same. We get very upset on same.

Odd eve a game which I took so much of time to understand, you ,learned it even when you were just 18 months. And now you have learned stone paper you call it Stoney, paper. You know chiddi ud and lun mirch very well. You love and laugh a lot when we play with you. 

And the most important of all, you are best at organising and reading faces. You do not like things in a messy way, while feeding if anything falls on you, you want me to clean that first. You always want to wash your hands if anything gets stick to it, I wonder how beautifully you have picked this from me. You always take initiative in cleaning your toys, I am so glad that we two ladies of house can make this house a clean and beautiful. 

Whenever anyone of us is upset you will come and ask in your cute language,  Kya hua....and when Papa scolds Siddharth you tell him timeout. You do not like sad faces around you and makes your efforts to create happiness around. 

Learning technology and how to operate any new phone, iPad we learn from you. Bhai is never successful in hiding his special games on iPad from you. Whole process of grinding his game and playing is so joyful for you. 

We cannot work on iPad when you are awake, as you love to watch videos of you on same. We have never thought you anything on same. Only help you need is to unlock password, I am sure soon you will be able to same also. You can spend hours watching your pic and videos, 

Putting you off to sleep has always been easy, we have moved to jingle bells and good night rhymes from Om shanti Om. 

You are naughtier than your Bhai and you know it very well, whenever I ask you Reet naughty girl or good girl. Your answer is always good girl. 

So my good girl, my chote Sãi. I love all these colors of you and want you to be always same in all of them. I know you love to tease your Bhai, but you will always be there for him when we will not be there. You will take care of him. I am writing this post as my effort to collect memories of your growing up for you and your Bhai to cherish it forever.