Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What will you do if you don’t have to go on work tomorrow??

Have anyone of you asked this question to you or are we prepare for the day. I am preparing myself for the answer … Few options are , I can spend more time with siddharth, can work on few of my dreams i always wanted to do but could not get, can complete the reading of my books on my wish list, but all these things will not take much of the time…

I was discussing with my friend, then he said, “ Swatantra that’s fine, but I want you to think that whatever you choose for this time , keep one thing in mind that 15 years of your another career depend upon this decision only.”

I was stunned to hear this that there so much of truth in this… I am in deep thoughts now….

There are only few days has been left that I will come to office, they have asked me to move to a remote area (definition is far from the family) Nine months back when our MD was discussing with me the plans for the R&D, and now he is asking me to relocate… How will I manage this relocation with my three year old son...? Can I be so selfish that to save my career I should put my son into trouble? If I put these two things on the plate one is my salary cheque and other thing is Life with siddharth... I believe being emotional for my son is perfectly fine … That’s what I have told to my boss today morning I cannot move……

I am meeting all the big shot in the food industry… I go with the full enthusiasm and come back with a fuse bulb….. Yesterday Vivek and Siddharth came along with me to meet one of the people, when they both were waiting at the Barista and Siddharth was playing the guitar ... Again putting me into thoughts you can do so much to complete siddharth’s dreams…..

But that feeling of getting ready for the office, and a person like me who is managing both the fronts very well… what will I do now. Till the time I don’t get the new job……

In the morning prayers I ask him to show me the new direction, I never say why this to me?? because I know that I am his favourite candidate and my belief into this thought,"
CALM sea never makes a skillful sailor so GOD wants me to be come perfect sailor……………and the three words I have known in my life IT GOES ON…………… "