Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Diwali a festival of lights.. I have always loved this festival as it brings joys to all. In my childhood we use to clean our house, visit our relative distribute sweets and get their blessings..

Though now it is different now, different not making clean as main agenda as with full time domestic helps the house is cleaned on daily basis..

Siddharth made this diwali more beautiful by making rangolis himself.


With the help of our front door neighbor they made the flower and his name and then finally decorated with flowers and lights...

He played firecrackers also as he calls it fondly pathake fodne hai...  now a days we eat less of sweets.. it was overall fun visiting friends exchanging gifts, wearing new cloths and eating fruits and dryfruits... below are the lines of the diwali song siddharth learn at school and was singing when he feel like...

diwali aayee diwali aaye.. roshnee layee... aayo diwlai manayee.. aayo diyeen jalayieen