Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hamara Manch!

This Saturday was Hamara Manch at Siddharth's school.. All the kids participated in a team and performed on the manch.... from the last few days Siddharth is entertaining us at home by singing one or another song….
All the kids were dressed in the dresses based on the theme…
Siddharth’s class Dew drops… they were dressed in T shirts designed by their didi’s …. All the kids were really very confident, they were not shying and participated very well… They were singing different songs like

पानी बरसा चम चम , chaaata लेकर nikle हम ,

phisel गए हम niche chaata ऊपर हम ....

I was amazed to see the co-ordination between the team of these small wonders….

एक दो एक दो बड़ते कदम , भारत माँ

का bachein हम, नही jhukengee नही rukengee आगे बड़ते जायें कदम !