Saturday, July 03, 2010

Première Expérience!!

मम्मा यह speed लिखा है .. are Siddharth's first words as he has started reading now. He fills my heart with the joy and eyes with tears.. I believe this is the happiness of first experience of hi own reading i have. When kids grow they grow in many things.. Last weekend spend at Sonapani and in a tent first time together was first experience for many other things.

Siddharth leading the team for commando net
Crossing the Barma Bridge
मम्मा यह तो बहुत आसान था..

पापा में खुद करूँगा
here i am getting taller like this tree
आज तो में आपको पका हराऊंगा

Lets catch these moments together..our first tent
Go Forward taking big steps

This experience is the most special.Thanks to Papa for such a lovely picture

एक लम्हा यह पॅलो का सॅंजो लू में अपने म्न में
और तू यूही छूता रहे उँचाई गगन में
 (Translation specially for Amma:let me hold these moments in my heart, when you reach to the new heights in your life)