Monday, October 05, 2009

Happiness or Money?


We got the hard earned  money of 80 K back from a big retail store.


We moved to our apartment on Jan13th  2008. This is the only main furniture missing at our home. We thought we will buy it later as the furniture we like costs a lot and our whole focus will be on managing and saving it from our little cute Siddharth. As he may like to do some drawing or run his cars over it..

So it got postponed to make our house more child friendly.. But 28th September was the day we all decided that it’s the time to get this furniture in our home..

Me and Vivek spend the whole day searching and looking for the options.. Siddharth was taken care by a very close friends..

Here we are on this fateful day at the INDIA’ best largest retail store, we both liked it very much. It is costing a bomb but then calculating some permutation and combination we decided to buy it.. We had spent two to three hours to finalize it…  At the last moment when the sales person went to take the papers to fulfill the formality my heartbeat was at its most and the moment I shared with Vivek we both ran to the third floor of the store, to think and rethink our decision. Then Vivek cutely hold my hand and we came back to swipe our plastic card to have this furniture..

We came home and the store promised to deliver it next day. Here it comes on the next day to our home… and my heart gets the biggest thump… as it has taken the most precious space in our room and it is too bulky.. Here comes the second piece and I have two little diamond drops rolling over my cheeks…

The moment Vivek saw this he understood that these are genuine diamonds drop.. so we decided to return it, as we are not liking this at our home. Without bothering about the money, we helped delivery boys to repack and take it back.

Today is the day when we both are feeling happy over the fact that for both of us happiness is the first priority over money…

You must have understood I am taking about which furniture.. yes it is SOFA … which we bought and sent back.. Below is the look of our room without it and I love it… What do you say??

One life live it!!