Friday, August 31, 2007

Aapka Boss Wekend nahi Karta..

Today morning when Siddharth awake, he asked me Mamma aaj weekend hai na aaj school nahi jaana, i said yes because school is closed today. He replied let’s go and check if it is closed we will come back.
When i was getting ready for office, he came and told me aaj to weekend aap nahi jao, aapka boss weekend nahi karta .. From now only he has understood the concept of Boss.. I said, why don’t you go and speak to my boss he said No..
He has become more cute now, few day back I bought some Chappal and bags . he was trying them on him.. looking very cute..
Siddharth’s understanding has become little mature, he started talking beyond our imagination. So many times he amazes us by saying things, which we cannot imagine at his age… I am sure it is the exposure which these kids get these days….