Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art Galore 1

Cleaning and Renovation in the house, gave us a chance to go through some of the art work done by Siddharth four years back. The visit to the art was worth, each work spoke many unsaid beautiful words of love, his skill.  Below is the pics from some of the work!!

There is a complete art booklet, where a teddy bear goes on a world tour. 

Reet is more interested to take his bindi..

Riddle and Jokes Booklet in Hindi

Nice umbrella

I like the logis, Since He is non vegeterrin so his name is strong king and there is a super man
Crown for mume

The top of the invitation which is always made by kids

Rangoli On the another invitation, amazed to see his creativity at age 5

Siddharth loves his school because it has many blocks to make puzzle..