Thursday, June 25, 2009

Making a new way!!

Siddharth has started exploring his own world. He has new circle of friends, which he made on his own.
Yesterday during his skating one boy was regularly cheering for Siddharth, Being a curious person I asked Siddharth do you know his name. He said mama who jab dusri team mein hota hai tabh bhee mere liye cheers karta hai… Sab log ek dusre se school puchte hai, kaun se standard mein hai…Aur sir bolte hai batein nahi karo.. main nahi bolta…
Siddharth use to be a very shy kid, I am amazed the way he answers the question people ask him about his school and class. There is a different kind of confidence he shows. Many a times the kids come with their own ways..
I could see the reflection of his thoughts in his play too, the house which he made today with his blocks showing me a new way of life he is making..

Good luck Siddharth your mama is proud of you beta!!!