Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Josh Trip 4 - Sonapani

The josh trip series is continuing and here is the link for the other three joshtrip1, Josh Trip 2, Josh Trip 3 though i am bit late to write about this one...  Here we go.. 
A place called Sonapani, Wahaan pe paani hai aur khazaan hai, Siddharth told everyone in his class.. The moment i told the didi for the holiday of siddharth she talks to me cutely.. yes we know you are going to Sonapani..
This place is near nanital, and there are small cottages and run by a beautiful couple. Their two kids are amazing.. 
We drove down by car, and felt great to see this big statue of Lord Hanuman on the road.. There is a small temple also.
The resort is inside the jungle, so we walked a few kilometers and our luggage came on Pony. 
We enjoyed the walk, it was raining , and Siddharth and Vivek had fun with the umberalls.. 
The jungle walks were beautiful, and Siddharth the champ was great at walks. After passing through a ridge we came across a deep forest, and Vivek took the lead to get into the depth and then find a way for the cottages. 
Siddharth walking on his own in the jungle
It was big challenge .  Me and Siddharth after looking in Vivek's cofidence decided to follow him.. and it was the most amazing fun..
Taking rest
Tu mere saath saath chal
Jungle mein mangal
When he found the Cottage going up on his own
Back in the room with his treasure, he collected for the whole class and gave one to each
The next day was 15th august The india's indepedence day..
 Mera rang de basanti chola
I like the way they have written Sonapani.. Yadein rah jati hai

When we came back it was raining heavily..Siddharth and Vivek going together and Me catching the moments.... 
Siddharth has good memories from this place, he was telling today to one of Vivek's friend i went to the jungle.. 
Ek Raasta hai Zindagi jo thama gaye too kuch nahi