Monday, August 31, 2009

Do you Know Appko Pata hai Part I

Siddharth brought this sheet from school on friday.. when i asked him about the sheet he has a full story to naraate.. Mama aapko pata hai kee honey bee ka ghar kee six sides hoti hai.. ( mama do you know honey bee house has a six sides) This was my project today.. i hope you can see a honey bee in the hexagon above.. 
The way he asked me this question aapko pata hai... gave me an opportunity to launch a series of this.. I asked him further Siddharth why the name is honey bee... Mama aapko itna bhi nahi pata woh honey collect karti hai isilye honey bee.. Today it was my turn to ask him question and i was throughly enjoying it .. i never thought that asking question can be interesting also when you ask to a cute kid like Siddharth.. 

Here comes my next question, Siddharth honey bee honey kahaan se laati hai.. ( How honey bee collects honey) Mama honey aata hai sunflower se kyoonki woh bheee yellow hota hai aur honey ka color bhee yellow hota hai.. ( they get from sunflower as it is yellow in colour and honey is also yellow in colour)

Siddharth Honey bee honey kya karti hai.. Mama aapko nahi pata.. woh apne baby ko khana deti hai.. unko honey se bada karti hai aur us honey se ek special jelly benti hai jo rani honey bee khati hai.. 

Mama ek baat batayoon.. jo boy hote hai na woh lazy hote hai.. kuch kaam nahi karte ( mama do you know saying with a naughty laugh on his face, boys dont works they sleep all the day) Being naughty with him i asked him what is Lazy.. Mama aapko lazy nahi pata.. ( u don't know) lazy means zo kuch kaam nahi karta bus leta rahta hai... 

I was laughing the way he told me and honestly i never noticed that honey bee house has six sides.. That's cute!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

3rd aniversary!!

Siddharth with his friends i dedicate this post to this friendship

Since morning there are different thoughts coming and going thru mind.. then came the thought oh it's been three years that i am taking care of this blog.. So this blog is three year old.. and i was going through my older post when i saw my first post about Siddharth..

Every post has grown, as Siddharth has grown from this first post... and his cute talks. I love u Baby. You and your talks are the inspiration and soul of this blog..

My blog is another world of words for me, which inspires me. I am waiting for the day when Siddharth will start reading this blog, and express his thought in the form of comments. ...

In three years many minds have come here and leave their impression, which keeps me moving and lead to the next step of writing another post.

Just now a friend called up to congratulate me on my well written article for Economic times, the day has started with the bundle full of joy and smiles... the link is here article at ET

Happy birthday once again and may GOD bless you with many new posts and many more people to read.... AMEN!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rich Sunday!!

Today was the most wonderful day spend in the way Siddharth planned. As vivek is out with the friends and i am sure he is going to miss the fun we had together..

The day started with the baking a cake together.. it was fun doing with him and his cute little question, Mama this is a chocolate cake why are you adding banana and eggs to it.
Next was trying on a new skates Siddharth got yesterday.. In the skating ground he wished next for a visit to the book store.

We were heading towards the book store in a mall nearby and siddharth saw this sand truck at one of the store.. Mama i dont have the truck for the sand.. and in a very cute way when he asks me mahnga hai.. ( is it costly) .. The way he asked me this question, i felt like buying for him.

He saw crocs at one shop and wished to buy for himself the red colour and i green colour but finally we settled for red colour.

When i went to a store to check on something for me he did not like it. There we met a mom of his classmate and Siddharth was on for another fun as she told that her daughter is in the play Zone. On hearing this from her Siddhath comes and tells me, Mama agar aap mujhe wahaan chod do to aap aaram se shoping kar sakte ho.. ( if you leave me in the playzone u can shop easily) I was laughing and left him at the play zone..

Siddharth enjoyed for one hour at the play Zone, i selected few cloths for Siddharth and brought him to check after the play zone.

We were coming back home, Siddharth tells me very innocently Mama aap kitne rich ho na( Mama you are very rich na).. you bought me so much in one go. Many Toys, Cloths, Crocs, Play Zone..

I had the wonderful day...Siddharth was telling me just now!! AMEN!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Justify FullThere is some noise coming from the kitchen, i know he is doing some play with the utensils. Then he came to me and told, Mama mujhse kuch gir gaya, pahle app promise karo kee app mujhe daantoge nahi aur gussa nahi karogee... ( Mama i have broken something, you will not scold me and not get angry with me)

I said Siddharth what happend, he spilled the juice all over. I asked him Siddharth are u sorry, no mama aapne juice giraya aap sorry I was looking at him and laughing at his smartness... Mama I love doing these things...

Then after five minutes he came again, Siddharth you have spilled the juice again.. Haan thoda sa giaraya bakki to hai... ( i have spilled the few more has been left..)

He came, hugged me and said Sorry Mama...

I love u baby for your smartness and innocence...

ps: The name huggy to this post has been given by siddharth

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who got the looks?

Small bunny house made by siddharth

The new look at the bed inaugurated by Siddharth.. I never thought a small change in the house can bring such a great smile on the face of him...

Aa khuli aankh se saja le kyaab koi.. band aakhoon ka to har khyaab bikhar jaata hai...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Guess Who?

This weekend we visited Vivek’s paternal house, where his chacha and chachi lives with their cute little daughters. As Siddharth calls them fondly Vasu didi and smriti didi..

There is a special fragrance of love and togetherness comes from the environment at their house. I love the food they cook. Ek alag sa taste hai jo sirf mummy ke khanee mein se aata hai…. So we tend to eat more also.

When we were heading towards their house, Siddharth was saying I will get bore and when we were coming back he was the one who was not willing to come back. He made everybody laugh at his cute little things, and the best was when we were moving towards our car after receiving chocolates and water pipe from chachi he said very innocently to me “ Mamma yahaan sab kuch free milta hai”

While going we wanted to buy some puzzle for Siddharth’s Vasu and Smriti Didi, the challenge is that you go to a toy store with Siddharth and don’t buy him anything it is hard.

This time it was made easy by the owner, Siddharth selected the toy and the shopkeeper said you give us ur address and we will deliver. He asked the shopkeeper when you are giving me the toy for my sisters so why are u not giving the other toy which I selected and we had another laugh on his logic.

I knew the promise of the Shopkeeper to Siddharth has to be completed, as he started asking the question about the delivery in the car. I looked at Vivek and we both made a plan to fulfill his dream.

On Sunday morning at house our security guard comes with a Game named Guess who and gave to Siddharth that the Shopkeeper at Delhi has send this game. I was overwhelmed with pride on seeing joy on Siddharth’s face.

Now we play Guess who together and it always gives me more joy and contented feeling to see the way Siddharth enjoys this game…..

“There lies a past of me in a child which I wish to find and enjoy”

Monday, August 03, 2009

A milestone....

Vivek and Siddharth at Vagator Beach Goa
This is my 100th post, It reminds me of the celebration we use to make at Pepsico for the first 100ton of production and then for the first 100 crore of turnover. The mails with the best wishes will float from all over.. There was a huge amount of team work which was involved to make that 100 To this 100, i have grown with each and every post.

I would like to thank the two special men in my life, without their love and support it was not possible to reach here Thanks Vivek and Siddharth
Vivek, a silent and strong bond he shares with me and my blog, whenever I write a post I send him a link for him to read. A small smile or a wow or reply saying too good values me the most.

Siddharth, who is the hero of this blog, thanks baby without your cute conversation, amazing doings it was not possible to reach here. Thanks baby and be always the same.. Though he has a fair idea, mama writes about him. As whenever he makes something or says something and if I pick a camera or pen he will show his full interest. I am sure he will appreciate more when he starts reading …

A special thanks to a friend who introduced to me to this beautiful world of words three years ago. Thanks Kavi, for your constant support and believe in me.

Looking back, I never thought that internet can bring this special bond of connecting with people you have never met, never seen.. Many thanks to all the blog friends I have on my blog roll and more to come, thanks for making time to read my blog, showing your support through your comments they mean a lot to me. I always look forward to them so keep on writing…

At the 100ton of production we had ladoos, so leaving to the market to get the ladoos for this 100th also…..