Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sports day for Varsha!!

Sports day at Siddharth's School happens very year. The day is full with enthusiasm, courage and lots of positive energy around. It demonstrates the physical strength, control over body, coordination and the team spirit by our kids. It is an amazing source of energy where kids participate in different activities like hoopla, skipping, races, yoga, gymnastic, football and basket ball. I was remembering our sports day which was only  race and gymnastic. There will be one PT teacher sitting on a chair and managing the whole show. I don't even remember my parents to coming there to encourage us. Siddharth's school it is done at much larger scale. There are few activities like Race, Football, Baketball, Gymnastic, hoopla where everyone participates. In other like Yoga and skipping they were given a choice. Siddharth was very excited towards skipping. 

Race has always been Siddharth's favorite. It was great fun, when i also raced with Siddharth here.

The parents getting ready for basket ball game
Kids waiting for their mementos

In Class after the sports day

Thanks to the technology today, that i get to frame all these moments, so when tomorrow Siddharth and Reet wants to have a look how they performed their sports day. They can read it enjoy it again...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Dora and Reet

I don't remember any of Siddharth's fascination with toys at the age of less than one and half. Whenever i see Reet deeply into some action or reading some book or playing with toys one thought always comes to my mind, she is an old soul. The way she shows attraction toward the Dora book ( gifted from her elder sister Sherya), Siddharth toys and to the song of Om shanti om (brahmakumaris) is simply amazing for a toddler to connect at this age. Yesterday night she woke up in a very disturbed mood and a story from Dora book and a tune of Om shanti Om could put her back to sleep peacefully.

Is it the exposure or the kids of the generation 2012.
Reet Exploring the toys of Bhai
Reading Dora on her own
When the Hanuman will fly
Feasting on the tale of dolphin
I am a reader already
Mama why you are always behind the camera
Mimicking our act of mobile phone
Now not to analyzing it further enjoying these feeling with my toddler, i want to save some of these moment and get them posted here on this post, so that when I am not there in this world. My kids can see this post and relish it more than what I have done during writing it.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Women Bike Rally - Delhi!!

Whatever happens in life, it happens for a reason. The reason is always good, sometime we know it then and sometime later in our life. The story of the participant at the women bike rally was somewhat similar to this. Most of the girls started driving bike for a reason. It was first a need and then they ride with enjoyment and freedom it brought to them. Some of them did not had any brothers at home, and to support the family in household chores the girls started biking. In other family it was the need to give the medicine to the ailing member on time and for few to take care of their sibling the girls started biking. 

I never had a dream of attending this amazing rally, i happen to be there for a reason to write this post and enjoy the energy in the place. Thanks to Sukhshm my friend to whom i called on Sunday morning and she invited me for this rally. 

Sukshm on the bike we rode together 

The energy in the place was wonderful it was girls everywhere styled, dashing looking. It was amazing to see all of them glowing with the drops of freedom, achievement and the excitement to be there at the rally.

We together on the Thunderbird
Confused which direction to take..
Proud to be a bikerni...
Police escort all women
Fun to be escorted like special...
Long wait before start...
The most excited one...
Me and my friend at the rally....
Today whenever i look at this post, a feeling of excitement to be there runs thru my mind and makes my believe more stronger that whatever happens, it happens for a reason!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trek to Raisaina

Village Raisaina a small simple village, a visit to this place gives a different meaning to all of us. For me and my sister Gagan watching the sun rise there is a source of  enlightenment, for my son Siddharth it is a fairyland.
It is difficult to describe the experience in words, here is a version that Siddharth wrote in his words after visiting yesterday there. 

Me and my family went for a trek to village raisana today morning.  We did not know the way but mama had a vague idea of how to reach. I just wanted to go out of the car when we reached the village because it looked like fairyland. We could see birds, bulls, cows, naked kids and a sadhu.  

Siddharth posing happily with Village boys.

Best Shot by Siddharth
We stopped at a ashram and parked our car there. We walked to some hills.

Me and muma climbed the most difficult hill. Papa stayed back with Reet at the foot of the hill. We followed a water pipe up the hill, so not to get lost. Muma kept behind and I was leading. It was a very big hill. We climbed and climbed and climbed, till i became tired. So when i looked down i suddenly felt dizzy. I found a stone that shined in the sun. Reet is crying muma said, i said u stay behind and i will go up. I went up and up and saw many wild white beautiful flowers. I took one of them. I felt so good to climb alone and find this beautiful flower. I felt like it was made for me. 

Then i suddenly saw some yellow flowers, i told muma i want to take one of those yellow flowers and share it with my class. Then i suddenly realized it was too far and i could not take it because there were stones underneath it and they were very loose, so i may fall down. I told muma lets go down, muma said you can do it go and take the flower. So i went to the flower i was half way through, then i suddenly realized that they were yellow leaves who looked flower to me. I was initially disappointed, when i thought that i had just done a big thing by using my creation to turn it into a flower.  I started coming down happily.

Then i wanted to visit the village where i had lots of fun, i drank lassi and clicked some pictures also.


I had lots of fun, but the fun wasn’t finished. As we were going home, we saw some people making bricks. So my dad said why you don’t go. I went with my mom, and made one brick. Then we went back home and i felt really good.

Siddharth reluctantly coming back from the brick making. I am glad that he enjoyed it and wants to go there again. Till then we all will look at these pics and to the first post by Siddharth, enjoy the revisit to the memories spend together in fun and masti.. 

यादें बस यादें बस यादें रह जाती हैं
छोटी छोटी बातें बस बातें रह जाती हैं