Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aapko Pata Hai..

मम्मी बीज कैसे बनता है, मुझे नही पता... 

बीज ऐसे बनता है.. पहले मिट्टी होती है, पानी होता है, हवा होती है और वो सारी मिक्स हो जाती है... उसके बाद वो एक बीज बन जाते है.. ( There is a sand, water and air they make seed by mixing)

आप मुझे क्यूँ पूछ रहे हो.. ऐसे ही.. So now a days he has answers and shares with me also.. It is fun to converse with Siddharth...   

Last weekend was spend at Punjab.. On the way i saw cottonseed plants ,we stopped the car and went near to the plant.. Siddharth was excited to see and wondering how come a cotton grows on plants.. 

Siddharth in the fields of cotton at Punjab

We pluck one flower so that he can share in the class, below is the version of sharing... 

यह cotton का प्लांट है.. मैं जब अपनी नानी के घर गया थे, मैने रास्ते में यह देखा.. यह ऐसा एक प्लांट है, जो तोड़ने के बाद भी उग जाता है.. ( it is a cotton plant, i plucked it on the way to my nanny house, this is the only plant which grows after plucking also) 

Since we plucked a bud, and it converted into a flower after plucking.. which we didn't notice and Siddharth made a good observation.. 

The class teacher has kept the cotton plant in the school. to use again for the winter theme... and Siddharth is very glad .. Making me think again.. 

आपको पता है....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday at School!!

Every year we are invited on Siddharth's Birthday to his school for the lighting of Lamp ( Diya) I have always loved this and me and Vivek both look forward to it..

The ceremony goes like this, after doing the exercise and chanting of mantras, we parents are asked to come to his class. we need to take sweets they don't allow anything else.

We sit with Siddharth in the circle along with the whole class and didi's  and the below is the poem which school sings..

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to me
Every moment we are born,
Every moment we are free
Happy birthday to all of us
Happy Birthday to me...

And then one of the parent lit the diya... and then Didi says Bhoomi group (Siddharth) sing your song... and then they sing the song we all know yes...

Happy Birthday to you.. Happy birthday dear Siddharth... Happy Birthday to you....

Then we are back home with these sweet memories... but this time we came back with surprise that Siddharth did not cry to come back home with us.. He was enjoying with his friends.. 

And i found the real meaning in the poem.. 

Every moment we are born.. 
Every moment we are free... 
Happy birthday son!! 

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Birthday Siddharth!!

Siddharth felt excited for the celebration of his birthday. We celebrated Siddharth’s birthday with creativity and some different way.. 

This time creativity started from the invitation card, i have a good collection of old marriage cards, so we used the plain side for the pasting of printouts which has a nice little poem on it..

 आयो खेले..खेल खेल में..
मनाये हम यह दिन..मेरा जनमदिन.. 
तुम भी आयो.. हम भी मिले.
और मिल कर करें शोरना हम हो बोर
मस्ती में हो जाए सराबोर… 

Siddharth designing and making stories on the back of card

Invitation card
All the kids were invited to the Play Zone area, a place in a shopping mall which is normally used as a baby sitter when parents shop.. we choose as birthday destination..

And the kids had so much of fun beyond our expectations… below are the few pictures..


खेल खेल में मनाया हम ने यह दिन
बहुत मजा आया....................

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Dear सिद्धार्थ,

Today when i have forget to tuck you in your bed, you came to me and told me Mama आपने मुझेटक नही किया, I remember the day, when i got the news from the doctor it is a son.. and i saw a bundle of joy in the hands of doctor. I still have the remeberances of the day, when i fall down on the floor carrying you in my tummy , and i rushed to the doctor.. But you were alright, you are brave from that day..

Today when you can sleep alone in your room, मेरा दिल यह मानने को तेार नही की तुम इतने बड़े हो गये. बहुत बार तुम्हारी प्यार्री बातें मान को मोह लेती हैं और सबसे मस्त तुमहरे ज़वाब That take us by surprise many times... मेरा दिल यह मानने को तेार नही कीतुम १०८ pieces का jigsaw puzzle बिना डिब्बा पे तस्वीर देखे बना लेते हो...

मुझे आज भी वो दिन याद है जब तुंँगे चलना नही सीखा और मैं डॉक्टर की बात से रोने लगी, और आज तुम दौड़ में मुझे पीछे छोड़ देते हो...

वो भी दिन था जब में तुम्हे शबाद सिखाती थी और आज तुम मेरे बहुत शबाद बिना बोलेसमझ लेते हो..तुम्हारी पहली हँसी, पहली धूप और तुम्हारी पहली किताब, जब मेरा मान करता तुम पड़ते रहो और आज तुम मुझे रोज रात को किताब पड़ने को कहते हो... Life changes my son and with this change we also change.. there are few things in you which i love and feel should never change...

Your kindness towards people, your reasoning, your style of questioning, your creatvity और तुमहरा प्यार, तुमहरे सपने...

Today on your birthday i wish you love, success and togetherness...

God bless you amen!!

With lots of love
Your mom...

ps: i am not allowing comments for this post.. wait for the next one how he had fun on his birthday..