Saturday, January 31, 2015

Madras - 11 Happy 3rd Birthday

You are three now. Time flies, I still have the memory of your birth very fresh in my mind. Your birth story is very amazing. 

You have your own way of doing things and that was clear from your birth also. Doctors said I will deliver you on 6th Jan, but you decided 7thJan for you. I believe you wanted the same date of your  brother. The day was like this, I went to hospital in the morning of 7th and they started giving me induced pains. It was continued for almost 12 hours and my water bag did not break. Your doctor Witty Rana whom we chose in the 39th week was very much hopeful to have a vaginal delivery. You had cord around your neck and vaginal delivery in this case are little difficult, I believe you and me were all set for same. You were very brave inside and supported me to go through this journey wonderfully. I vomited before you came out and that was very unusual for me. The doctor was checking me regularly and she said that you will see this beautiful earth around 930 but at 715 I felt you wanted to come out, nurse rushed to call the doctor and at exact 730 in the night you cried. We knew in our heart that it’s a girl and we invited you in our life. We named you the day I conceived you. You are Reet for us.  

The last three years with you have been challenging, wonderful and spiritual for me with your growth. You are my shadow; you have traveled more than any other member in our family at this age. 

At three you play on your own, and I can do my things now. Earlier you will sit to insist on my lap while I am working on computer but now you are happily exploring your toys. 

You are very expressive child and famous among all my friends. They all love you more than they love me. You also express and gives love to them, sometimes I also get amaze at your expression. You are full of love and child like you are very rare. 

On this 3rd birthday of you my dear little Sai I wish you a great life ahead. 

Chennai - 10 Vocublary

This post is copied from a letter ( Sept 17, 2014) your father has written to your brother when he asked what all words Reet can say... you learn all this after we shifted to Madras. Children learn by seeing and listening, You are a fast learner at the age of 33 months...

# for her Kurkare is 'kurki'

# any fruit except apple and banana is 'orange'

# she can take few tough names very clearly - vedhema & Alangara (working in srishti, puglendi (driver), dhanlaxmi (our maid)

# she just adores 'lungi dance' song and can listen to that all the time. You should see her excitement when that song plays. And yes, she runs to find own glasses (we bought her own glasses in mumbai) as the song starts playing because she loves dancing on that song with her glasses on! As the song says "anna ke jaisa chashma laga ke.."

# she loves watching old videos on my ipad, especially the ones we shot in Pathashaala during our visit.

# she's addicted to ipad in a way and you should look at her when she comes to me and ask for the ipad. She will come to me with twinkling eyes so that i mellow down, point using her eyes to ipad and says to me in hush-hush tone 'papa ipad khelna hai' and if I say no, she will first make very masoom sa face, on 2nd no she will hit me and on 3rd no will start crying!! She knows one of the three things will work on me! Total natakbaz!

# she loves going to swings and it is become so difficult to get her back home! She will go from swing to slide to see-saw and will keep repeating this cycle. She starts chatting with kids there and try telling them about Kavita, kavita uncle (our neighbours), dhanlaxmi (our maid), or something about srishti or some event during the day. And you know she loves to talk!!

# for her dustbin is dustpatin  

# and  when she need iphone you will say Reet wants to charge the ipad and she will say this is my phone, ये म्‍मा का फोन नही है1 she wants to keep phone to her side and then she will take it quickly to take some pictures. 

On the way back home, she likes to spend time near the I block tower. She will run away from me and get into any elderly lady's lap by calling her Nani or Dadi and will start saying 'bye papa bye papa'

when i read this post i feel very delighted. I am sharing here as a memory to create for you to come to this space and read.. 

Chennai 9 - First term of Siddharth

Siddharth your first term has been completed at Pathshaala along with first holidays at home. When you came home, you were completely transformed. This materialistic world where we live in, seemed alien to you. You forget how to open a plastic wrapper from a toothbrush and cheese slice pack, as you did not do all these things in your first term of four months of Pathashaala.

The most amazing thing happened to you is self reflection of your own thoughts and your confidence.   We all were happy to see you back home but how these two months passed we did not realise. We did all kind of fun , studies, discussion, fights, love and all.

Your Nanni and Daddy joined us at Madras for holidays. You had a great time with them. Daddy became your permanent teacher for your hindi and other homework.

You enjoyed your English and project work the most. Here are few glimpse of our first holiday spent together.

1. You were so kind and helping toward your little sister Reet.
2. You were happily posing for picture below in this blog.
3. You became fond of your bicycle that you even wanted to ride Reet cycle.
4. You finished your homework without much help from me.
5. Your reading of books is as amazing as it was always that one day in library you finished seven books in one hour.
6. You enjoyed visit to Blossoms book house and were delighted to see book Winnie the Pooh I liked and bought for myself.

We cried when you were at school again. I know both of us are going through an emotions of being happy, sad and exciting.

I wish you a great time at Pathashaala. I have chosen some pics of you and your sister to remind us how we spend our days at home.