Friday, October 19, 2012

Conversation with Siddharth part 2

Today morning when i was driving Siddharth to school, we had a wonderful conversation about Reet. I am now a days little worried about Reet health, she eats well but she has not gained much of the weight as compare to me and Siddharth at the same age. Perhaps she is health conscious from birth. 

Siddharth:- Mama you dont worry much on Reet health, most of the amercian babies are like her. 
Me:- Yes, Siddharth some of them are fat also.
Siddharth:- But you dont worry she is so active and fine. 
Me:- How do you know i am worried?
Siddharth:- I know na. 
Me:- Siddharth i am glad that you are there for me, now i am not worried. 

Though the conversation was very small, but i am touched the way he spoke. Now i am glad and at could 9 to know that my son is standing with me, and for the icing on the cake. Reet has started standing on her feet with the support. 

God bless, when i am going to close this post and thanking GOD for the two most understanding kids in my life and feel proud to look at the pic below.