Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nine Hills!!


She goes to a nice liquor shop( as the girls can walk easily it is in supermarket)  buys herself a bottle of Nine Hills and comes back.. as they are leaving for a trip and they need wine...


She walks again in the same shop and asks for one Nine hills and another Rivera as she likes Nine Hills and her husband likes Rivera..

Young Man: Lady if you buy two bottle of nine hills i will give you two wine glasses for free.. 
Lady: I am buying two wines one is Rivera and another is nine hills see if you can give me glasses with this.. a spontaneous reply as always she gives...
Young Man: okay take it.. 

she walks out of the shop with a triumph on her face and goes to the car where her husband is waiting and surprised him with glasses..


She walks  again today the same shop...

Lady: Two Bottles of Nine Hills, is your scheme for two free glasses on.. 
Salesperson: Yes Madam, give me 1100/- 
Lady: No you are wrong, i have bought Nine Hills twice earlier and paid 450/-  per Bottle... 

This time the owner who is standing besides lady turns and tells her, Mam i will show you the list and you will pay me for the previous ones also..

Lady: No i will not pay for the previous one but surely have a look at your price list.. 
So with full confidence on him he opens the list and guess what is the price on it... yes you are right 450/-  The lady with a smile on her face tells the owner now give me two bottles for 900/- .. 

The owner tells the sales person to do the same, cuts the price with his pen and make it 550/- and the lady again comes out with a triumph and laughing a lot.. :)

and she is happily narrating the incident to her brother who just met her outside the shop...