Friday, May 14, 2010


Summer Holidays has started. Below is the first creation. He made the below farmville..
Animals are looking real..
Yellow color represents Bananas, Red watermelons, Pink is pink carnation and Blue is blueberries.. I am amazed at your creativity Siddharth.. Keep Up the good work..

बचो के नाज़ुक हाथो को आसमान छू ले ने दो..

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Flying High!

 Siddharth at the airport when he took his first flight
Travel to pune last week brought back the memories of my first flight. I traveled first time by air from Pune to delhi in year 2003. I was supposed to come by train, but due to ill health i came via flight, since it was my first flight i still remember my inquisitiveness getting through the plane. The moment i entered into the airport i called the airhostess of my airlines for help and asked her for the help. Till date i have the sweet memories of the help from the young lady and her addressing to me as Mrs Kalra one of the rarest I had. I laugh today to remember my expression of happiness on my face when i saw the plane for the first time and called Mr. Kalra over the phone saying with happiness “oh it is so big”
I always love the part when plane runs on the runway at its maximum speed and then it takes off I believe to get the best in life also we have to first put the maximum efforts and then we fly… Similar Siddharth has put his best of the efforts and he can read full sentence now  and I am glad he loves reading books and doing math like his mom… 

When you wanted the most there is no easy way out...