Saturday, June 27, 2009

A cute conversation!!

When I was feeding food to Siddharth today a cute conversation happened :
Siddharth: Mamma aap apne tummy mein ek baby rakho.. mujhe ek baby chahiye,,,
Me: Kyoon
Siddharth: So that I can play with him..
Me: Siddharth we can have baby by other way also
Siddharth : Kaise
Me: We can adopt a baby there are many babies who doesn’t have parent so we can adopt
Siddharth: Hum uska khyaal rakh sake, aur usko paal ke appna baby bana le..
Me: ( by this time amazed ) : haanzi..
Siddharth: Mamma who log aapko phone karte hai kee babby le lo..
Me: You want a boy or girl
Siddharth: Jo jaldi bada ho jayee…

I am laughing and laughing on the innocence , commonsense and confidence of my cute little baby..
I love you Siddharth!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Making a new way!!

Siddharth has started exploring his own world. He has new circle of friends, which he made on his own.
Yesterday during his skating one boy was regularly cheering for Siddharth, Being a curious person I asked Siddharth do you know his name. He said mama who jab dusri team mein hota hai tabh bhee mere liye cheers karta hai… Sab log ek dusre se school puchte hai, kaun se standard mein hai…Aur sir bolte hai batein nahi karo.. main nahi bolta…
Siddharth use to be a very shy kid, I am amazed the way he answers the question people ask him about his school and class. There is a different kind of confidence he shows. Many a times the kids come with their own ways..
I could see the reflection of his thoughts in his play too, the house which he made today with his blocks showing me a new way of life he is making..

Good luck Siddharth your mama is proud of you beta!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Socha hai!!

I was reading a book to Siddharth on fishes. The moment I read that fishes doesn’t have legs, Siddharth gave me an annoyed look and said Mamma Fishes don’t have legs, we can see it clearly. We must write a letter to the publisher of book… I was left with no answers to these thoughts of him ........and asking my self socha hai....... We were going to the basement parking, and we spotted a German shepherd dog, named Simba. Then all of a sudden Siddharth asks me Mamma do you know why this dog has been named Simba. I was clueless. Looking at me he said Mamma This dog looks like a lion in the story of Lion King. The lion was named Simba in the story so this dog is also named Simba. People scared from him the way we do from Lion, so this is Simba….
He said these with a great innocence. Many times kids amaze us with their thoughts and words. They are very pure and innocence, which I believe is the purest thing on the earth.
Aasman hai neela kyoon.. paaani gila gila kyoon…….Socha hai………is the song playing in my heart now…………………..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Logic or love!!

I had a voucher of 100 Rupees from Shopper stop, which were to expire by month end. Today being Sunday holiday, decided to redeem it. Siddharth being the cutest choice, I decided to give it to him, he agreed to a toy under 100 rupees. He was excited.
At the shop he liked the cars, a usual thing for any boy to like it. I looked at the puzzle under 100 rupees a usual thing for me as I believe into more of a utility. We both were debating on it which goes as below:
Mama: Siddharth you already have 10 cars, what a big deal, it will add one more to it.
Siddharth: Mama I need it as I loved it and I don’t have this model. We have many puzzles also.
Mama: (being more polite) Baby, look if u buys the puzzle you can show to everyone and give them the challenge to do it. They will say wow..
Siddharth: Mama we can do the same with other puzzle also, everybody has not seen many of the puzzle. And then with a sad look on his face he says , Ok whatever you say with eyes looking somewhere else.

By this time I decided to buy the car, I don’t know it was his logic or my love which convinced me. But the moment he saw the cars. He came gave me a big hug and a million dollar smile………… And there is no logic after this:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yahaan ke hum Sikander!!

The night of June 18, 2009, there was another night on june 18, 1998. More than 10 years has been passed, when a batch of 28 girls passed out from an institute which has now become a deemed university.

The girls and boys, but I am biased to write here only about the girls of Diploma 93. A batch of girls with their own conviction of life, with their own point of view of life. As we own a lot to each other in some or other way for shaping the good life we are living today. The batch teachers use to call them the most creative, the most naughtiest and the most energetic batch of students. Yes I don’t know , was there any batch like us after 1998. But yes I know the batch of diploma 93, has set the trends, made the history now in the college. As they use to say our names will be written in golden words.

Nahi samjhe hai jo humee to kya jataa hai, haari bazzi ko zitna humee atta hai, Yahaan ke hum sikander was the favourite songs, they use to sing when they were together.I dont remember who among them created this song. But everyone loved to song as it was the symbol of their love and unity they posseed.
All of them with different names, with different attitude towards life but balanced so well. They will do many things together, almost all the 28 girls, and the bonding they discovered on this night 10 year back. I remember till today.

I was showing the picture to one of my new friend in new life today, that it reminded me all of you. Now each one of them are leading a new life, giving birth to new life and shaping a new life.

I dedicate this post to you all!! Where ever you are whatever you are doing may you leave the marks in the same way as you did 10 year back.
Good luck to all of my friends of Diploma 93.

Geometry of Life!!

Siddharth has learned to add numbers, these are the first addition sum he has done. He loves doing math. I went to kitchen to cook food, Siddharth wanted to do maths. He came and sat on the shelf and started doing his math.
It reminds the same passion of me about math. I use to do math in the night with the Binaca songs on transistor. The songs were playing till four o’ clock in the morning and I will also do the math sums till that time. Specially in the class XI and XII. Maths was my favourite subject from class X. I still remember if any of my favorite song came, I use to leave my book , raise the volume and sing the song. Start math with another song…
I loved the darkness in the night and the voice of only a song and my pen on the paper solving math sums of Trigonometry, derivative, Integral and Statistics. My mind is getting lost in the sums of Statistic..
How did I found the concentration of doing maths in the below songs, and scored maximum in Maths, is a sum to be solved still… may be Siddharth can solve this also…

Pukarta chala hoon main, gali gali bahaar kee..
Bus ek sham zulaf kee….