Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Award and a Tag !!

Here comes two awards and a tag...I was awarded and tagged by Neha...thanks Neha..
here are my answers:

1.What is your current obsession ? Music, song - Beautiful Girl by INXS i can listen to song 30 times... or more...

2. What are you wearing today? Yellow Kurta and Black Pazami

3. What’s for dinner? Surprise as we are going to attend a wedding...   

4. What’s the last thing you bought? A saree from Fab along with some jewellary 

5. What are you listening to right now? Beautiful girl by INXS on my Ipod

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you? The most sweet and kind person on the Blogsphere

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?  On THE banks of GANGES

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer? Music and water

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? On the top of Himalayas...

10. Which language do you want to learn? Language the small kids speak

11. What’s your favorite quote?" A clam sea never makes a skillful sailors" 

12. Who do you want to meet right now? Neha , who tagged me..

13. What is your favorite color? Brown 

14. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own closet? All my sarees

15. What is your dream job? I am doing my dream job...

16. What’s your favorite magazine? Reader's Digest

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on? On the music system of Boss

18. What would you like to be written on your tombstone? This is my question i would like to ask and my answer would be she lived!!

19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon? SRK..

20. What kind of haircut do you prefer? The one i have currently..

21. What are you going to do after this? Going to drop Siddharth for his Skating Class

22. What are your favourite movies? GolMaal, Dor, Bucket List ..

23. What are three cosmetic/makeup/perfume products that you can't live without? Perfume of Hugo Boss, A face cream of Garnier, Lip Gloss

24. What inspires you ? A smile

25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you:  Wear your confidence, love your attitude and have the greatest smile

26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)? Shuffle my closet 

27. Coffee or tea? Coffee

28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed? Go for Shopping it makes me feel happy

29. What is the meaning of your name? Independence as i born on the INDIA independence day

30. Which other blogs do you love visiting? Blogs on the list of blogs i enjoy reading on my blog

31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet? Ras Malai

32. Favorite Season ? Spring

33. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me? Rajma Chawal

34. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you? Let the relationship stand at the same level it is

35. My question: what are you afraid of the most? I fear of GOD 

Rules for those who are tagged:Respond and rework – answer these questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own, and add one more question to the list. Then tag eight or ten other new set of people.

I enjoyed answering hope u too do I tag:

A childhood Journey 





Monday, September 28, 2009

Award day!!

I came back from a trip ... and saw someone special has some sweet surprise for Siddharth and his mom at her blog...

Here is the first one for Siddharth ... Thanks Neha

I like the way she thought of Siddharth and wrote...Thanks Neha it is very very sweet of you.. I am sure when Siddharth will read it he will appreciate it..

And here is the second one..

Thanks Neha, for making my day special and this beautiful award... 

Jeevan ke har mod per mil jayeengee humsafar...........

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Josh Trip 6 - Jaipur JAI HO!!

Mama hum kahaan ja rahe hai.. Siddharth we are going to Jaipur, Mama wahaan pe mausam kaisa hai.. Siddharth jaise yahaan hai.. to phir wahaan kyoon ja rahe hai..

So this is how the josh trip 6 started, i call them josh trip as they are not planned  much before, we had long weekend so picked the car and drove...

Siddharth aapko fort dekhna hai ya hotel ke kids club mein Mazza karna hai.. Mama dono was the reply..

Here we are at the fort Jaigarh at Jaipur...

The main attraction in the Fort is the World Largest Canon, Jaivana cannon is the largest wheeled cannon ever constructed, located at this Fort. Cast in 1720, during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur. The formidable strength of its builder, the scientifically inclined warrior Sawai Jai Singh II, lay in the large number of artillery and copious supply of munitions which he maintained. Jaivan rests on a high 4 wheeled carriage. The front wheels are 2.74 m in diameter and the rear wheels are 1.37 m in diameter.The length of the barrel of the cannon is 20 feet 2 inches and it weighs 50 tons
The eight metals, Silver, Gold, Aluminium, Steel, Raanga, Copper, Brass and Iron were used to make this Canon.. It was a magnificent look. It was played only once till date..

    We three with the world largest canon..

This Fort is Still with the family of Raja and is run by their own management, The interesting fact was you can know whether the Raja is present in the city or not by looking at the flag..As the flag will be there on the fort if king is present in the city...

The Boundary wall spread in an area of 12 km around the fort, In previous times it was filled with water and crocodile.. If someone attempts to cross the crocodile will have it for food. Vivek says, if someone can climb so high to the mountain then they can climb the wall also.. 

The old age water cooler

There were swings on the trees, and Siddharth had fun and Mama was clicking...

In Jaipur, there is Jaigarh Fort, And Amer Palace to Visit, Both these places are adjacent.. The another interesting place is outside the City Palace...

A place of pigeons, as Siddharth calls them pigeon friends.. It is considered to be a auspicious place.. There are shops who sell Dana for these pigeons.. Pigeons are there for the last 70 to 80 years.. Initially there were two shops.. as the family extended now there are 10 shops

Siddharth with Pigeons.. i call this as my best shot

Hurray, pigeons has flown..

Like Father like son
After  back to hotel, Siddharth had shower in the fountain of the Garden...

Moments Son having fun with his father and water...

 This picture is for Neha... 

Dil Dhoondta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din...........

ps: watch out this space for the Josh Trip 7 and the major one..... :) 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Half Kg Onion and One Kg Potato

Morning are more busy, when you know that your domestic help ( fondly called as maid) is not coming, and i was by all means trying to finish things in the time given... 
It is when i realized that i dont have onion and potatoes to cook the fastest thing for breakfast, and then here come my strength when i see my little cute son has become so big that he can take decision and execute them with the full strength... 
I was requesting Vivek to go and get the things, when Siddharth came and volunteried that he will go and get the vegetables.. I asked him to bring half kg onion and one kg potato, it was really cute the way he was reapeating.. He got down the lift and called me from the intercom, mama kitna alooo aur kitna pyazz.. me and vivek were laughing... 
And here he is with half kg onion and one Kg potato.. ..
Siddharth with great triumph and smile on his face
Even though he started sleeping before but this was the one which gave me more happiness.... 
Siddharth on his bed...
May GOD bless you my baby  with more strength, so you will be able to take many more big decision of life.. and may  i get the opporunity to click each one of them... and write them here..... AMEN!! 

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

One Night Stay at weekend!!

Siddharth kee pahlee boonde 
Mama i want to stay more with Aryan, Siddharth we are on a one night stay trip as the other night will be with Nanni and back to home on Sunday..
This is how the name of this post generated, i had some official trip to ludhiana in Punjab. My Brother stays there so thought of taking Siddharth with me. He had fun time with his cousin Aryan, both of them were playing seems that they have never been apart. This is the beauty of few close relationship that you meet as you have never been separated before... 
Siddharth and Aryan playing together at Ludhiana
The sun set on the way to Ludhiana was worth seeing , below are the pictures..
After work and picking Siddharth from my Brother house, Siddharth was not willing to come.. and i always feel sad about this fact... 
Siddharth always plays with water at Nanni House... That's his favourite pass time.. 
On roof with Daddy where i have spend my life before him
magar mujhako lautaa do bachapan kaa saavan vo kaagaz kii kashtii, vo baarish kaa paanii

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Josh Trip 4 - Sonapani

The josh trip series is continuing and here is the link for the other three joshtrip1, Josh Trip 2, Josh Trip 3 though i am bit late to write about this one...  Here we go.. 
A place called Sonapani, Wahaan pe paani hai aur khazaan hai, Siddharth told everyone in his class.. The moment i told the didi for the holiday of siddharth she talks to me cutely.. yes we know you are going to Sonapani..
This place is near nanital, and there are small cottages and run by a beautiful couple. Their two kids are amazing.. 
We drove down by car, and felt great to see this big statue of Lord Hanuman on the road.. There is a small temple also.
The resort is inside the jungle, so we walked a few kilometers and our luggage came on Pony. 
We enjoyed the walk, it was raining , and Siddharth and Vivek had fun with the umberalls.. 
The jungle walks were beautiful, and Siddharth the champ was great at walks. After passing through a ridge we came across a deep forest, and Vivek took the lead to get into the depth and then find a way for the cottages. 
Siddharth walking on his own in the jungle
It was big challenge .  Me and Siddharth after looking in Vivek's cofidence decided to follow him.. and it was the most amazing fun..
Taking rest
Tu mere saath saath chal
Jungle mein mangal
When he found the Cottage going up on his own
Back in the room with his treasure, he collected for the whole class and gave one to each
The next day was 15th august The india's indepedence day..
 Mera rang de basanti chola
I like the way they have written Sonapani.. Yadein rah jati hai

When we came back it was raining heavily..Siddharth and Vivek going together and Me catching the moments.... 
Siddharth has good memories from this place, he was telling today to one of Vivek's friend i went to the jungle.. 
Ek Raasta hai Zindagi jo thama gaye too kuch nahi

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


There is this lady, she made me feel great and happy today. After a hectic day at work, when i logged on and was happy to see a award for me at blog. Thanks to Shas for the award. Thanks for bringing back many other feelings attached to the award. The link to her blog is here

I remembered my first award was my bicycle my Dad gave me when i scored a second position in the exams of class six, then the award came at my college.. The most  difficult one i got the award for the outstanding organizer for organising an exhibition and i was the only girl in the college with 11 boys who got this award. The other award, three years in consecutive i got for the great collection of stamps and coins.

During the professional life i got the award for the nicest desk in the office, then developing a protinex drink for a company... 

There is a special feeling which has been attached to every award.. and this award is amazing .. 

Thanks Shas, i pass on this award : 

  1. Kavi - a great leader who was the first to came to my mind
  2. Sangeeta - The great mom .
  3. Nazish Rahman - I feel great to connect with you on interent
  4. Apanatva - Thanks for being there.. 
  5. Neha: I am sure you will like this
  6. Shilpa: For her great thoughts.. 
  7. Nona: for his dedication towards movie reviews
  8. Lou: I am sure you will like this.. 
  9. Anju Gandhi: I always remember she is the first one to become my follower thank
  10. Rush: Good luck for your Tulsi Project
  11. Bala Ji: I hope you will like this... 

and to everyone who want to have it, so you are requested to :
1. Accept and post the award on your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you received it.
3. Pass the award to 5 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment.
4. Let them know they’ve been chosen for this award. 

Thanks Shas for these happy feeling!!