Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Madras 14 - We are going to ---

You use this phrase so beautifully and correct at timing when we move from one destination to another.

When we sit in the car you always ask this question we are going to and below are the few answers you give: 

1. Meet Gaggi mammu
2. Swapna
3. Siddharth pathashala
4. Srishti 
5. Meet Nanu ( Sir) 
6. Smiling eye
7. Chunu Massi 

I simply love the way you ask me this question that i wanted to write for a memory for all of us to cherish!! Enjoy my Matko!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Madras 13 - Cycling

You have got this cycle as a gift from Nanni and Nannu ( you call him fondly daddy) on your 3rd birthday and today on 03 march you paddled completely.. You learned it on your own and your father says you are very hardworking like me.. I believe him on this.. Enjoy this journey my love!!!