Thursday, July 30, 2009

Attitude and Life

Everything around is growing at its own pace and giving us a beautiful feeling.. Many new flowers have grown in the house… welcoming the spring or rain…and giving me a hope of life..

Siddharth has learned the skating. I learnt swimming (I use to afraid from water)…Gaggi Mamu( my brother) has gone to Mumbai.. His lunch at subway replaced with the Vada Pao.. We are growing to not having him around us on weekends…we miss you Gaggi Mammu..

There is a momentous change in the patterns Siddharth makes now.. Earlier he use to make small and closed, now he always explain to me and makes a story around it.. He has never played any of the puzzles the way directions are given on the box. He will always make his own ways, and I somehow feel great about it.

The new pattern siddharth made with the wooden slabs

The most growing thing is his talks, the small incidence which happened today gave me a big laugh I thought it deserves a sharing here:

Siddharth wanted the ice cream and it is there in kitchen, I was working on my laptop.

Siddharth: Mama where is my ice-cream

Me: It is there in the kitchen

Siddharth: Mama aaap mujhe do…

Me: ( being engrossed in work) : Aaap aapne aap le lo..

Siddharth: I don’t like this attitude..

with this he went to kitchen picked his ice cream ate it and I am still thinking…. He must have heard it from us and used it perfectly..

I love this attitude of yours Siddharth…Love u baby!!

Aankhoon mein juske koi to khayaab hai...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Words from the Sand!!

The small world of sand and water Siddharth made at park with the kids
It is raining today and Siddharth is writing the alphabets on the board.. we thought we will learn some alphabets today. I asked him to write the alphabets he remembers , he wrote few of them. After writing this he said mama ab aap mujhe enke baby alphabets bhee to likhne ko bolo, jaise didi(they call their class teacher didi) kahtee hai.. I liked the way he called the small alphabets as baby alphabets..
I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of Siddharth’s first alphabets which he wrote on his own..
Then all of sudden we went to the balcony to hear a noise of kids in the park, and we both were excited to see the kids in the park playing with the sand and making design with water and sand. Siddharth loves to play with sand and water, so I asked him u want to join them with your sand kit. He immediately said yes, mama I will do the study when I am back.
I thought the alphabets he can learn later and he will anyways learn it. But the learning he will have from these little group of kids, with the passion they all were playing in the sand. They all got more passionate , when Siddharth shared his sand kit with them. They all ran towards him to catch his sand kit.
Mama was clicking them from top ..and when he was back mama mujhe bahut maza aaaya .. humne bahut masti kari…

Megha re megha mat pardes ja tu… aaj tu prem ka sandesh barsa………………
( clouds don’t go away give us some message of love)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Inspiration in life!!

She has been my inspiration through out my life. She was married to a family where most of the members were from non education background. Her struggle in life has always inspired me. She has always shown me a new ways in life. She use to sit with me when I was studying my board exam in 10th class, the fragrance of her in my studies makes me happy now also. After coming from school, she will just give me a smile and I will forget all the tension of my life.
I remember I use to sit with her and recite her I learned from my school lessons, and then I will say something wrong to check whether she is listening me or not, I loved those small things with her. She never scolded me for this; she loved each and every prank of mine.
To make me successful is her aim in life. She has never been aggressive with me. I have loved her silence and small words of encouragement she has given me from time to time in my life. She gave me her time, her passion, her love, her patience, and many more for which I will always be short of words.
The day I got married we were separated to live life on our own.
I felt like somebody has taken me out from my roots, she is there to guide me but she wanted me to find the ways on my own now. She is there for me when I need a guidance, I never knew how to cook. So for small things I use to call her, she has never been impatient with me.
She has all the time in this world to attend me. She has never laughed on my silly questions and has always answered it with love. I gave birth to new life, and she took the responsibility of growing up the new life as I could not get much leave from the work. She never wanted me to leave the job, as happened in the case of most of my friends after marriage.

Today at the age of 60, when she cannot walk half a kilometer, as her knee joints are not supporting her. I cry when I wrote this post, as you can never see your parent weak. We have always seen them strong, carrying so much troubles but being happy.The hands which brought us in the life are needed to be hold today..

The way she tells me TU ghabra na ( you don’t worry), shows me that she is full with the will power…

Nanni aaap chini kee paronthee bahut ache banate ho, mama ko nahi aati.. listening this from Siddharth she will immediately run to the kitchen and fulfil his demand..

I love you Mummy!!

My mom with siddharth and his best friend mani..

Monday, July 13, 2009

ek naya dost!!

Siddharth has got an amazing capability of connecting with people of different age. One of my cousins visited us this weekend. I met him almost a year and we have been rarely together after my marriage. His training at Gurgaon gave us an opportunity to spend two days together.

The way Siddharth has spend the weekend with him, was not looking like a first meeting.

They made a cute home with a puzzle of Siddharth that he has not broken and wanted it to be as such. He made this as the garage for his small cars.

The love Siddharth showered him over the weekend, made difficult for my cousin to say bye to Siddharth when he was leaving for his school today morning. The one cute example is when I and Vivek have to meet a friend yesterday who was not keeping his health well. We thought of dropping these two young men at home. Siddharth wanted to come along, and then we told him we are going to see a uncle who is not well. Mama Wahaan dawayioon kee smell aaygee... (There will be smell of medicine around the patient) Being a parent that we don’t wanted he to come along we agreed to his logic. And yes it gave an opportunity to both of them to know each other more and me to write a post. As when we came back, below was the scene in his room.

My cousin was standing, they were playing a game Janga, truth or dare. You take out one brick and you have to perform whatever is written on that particular brick.

Chintoo Mamu: Sing a song

Siddharth: pahle aap yeh batyo aapko kaun kaun se gaane aate hai ( first tell me which all songs you know)

Chintoo mamu: Mujhe to bahut gaane ate hain.. ( I know many songs)

Siddharth: thik hai pahle yeh batayo aapko kaun se gaane aate hai.. ( that’s ok, first tell me which all songs you know)

Chintoo Mammu ( by this time confused and happy by this little one’s curiosity) decided to sing Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way………………..and we all were laughing after this…

Since today morning our home is full with the fragrance of the flowers he left for Siddharth and the memories he has left behind……………….

Haath chute bhee to rishte nahi tuta karte………

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Back to School!!

Siddharth school reopened today after a long summer vacation of nearly two months… These two months went with the joy of being together for the whole day.. Being a boss of ur own work gave me an advantage of doing the work for the flexible timing..
I and Vivek dropped him today at school, the moment he was at the school gate; there was an excitement in his eyes…
Good morning turtle, good morning plants, good morning fishes, good morning Jaishree didi ( they call didi to their class teacher) he was saying to everyone in a very sweet gesture and great smile on his face..

I missed him thru the day , these holidays I also went through my summer holidays, we painted pots, piggy bank he got from his nanni. All the kids brought their own scrap books, they have made during the holidays. They have shared their work. Siddharth came home and told me Mamma mera kaam itna zada hai kee didi kal bhi share kargee.. aur humne simmi didi ( the other teacher in the class) ko nahi dikhaya to school main hee rakhna ..
There were many new things I came to know about Siddharth. He is now a kid who understands each and every talk we do at house. We cannot talk in codes he can decode it. He loves doing paint, playing puzzles, playing memory games, creating stories ( I started Siddharth blog also. ) playing hide and seek. He love challenges and to beat other in the game of kog works. He is grown up in weight and height as the all other kids in his class were today morning..
And the most surprising was the blocks he made today evening..
Siddharth beta you have beaten Mamma today in this game…. Love u baby!!
Bachoon ke nazuk hathoon ko asmaan chu le ne do..
Do char kitabein pad key eh bhee hum jaise ban jayngee…

Monday, July 06, 2009

Aap nanni kab banogee..

Yesterday my mom dad came to our home. Siddharth asked my Mom Nanni app meri nanni ho, aur mamma kee nanni Jhai hai jo gurdaspur mein rahti hai.. lekin meri mamma nanni kab banegee.. We all laughed at the innocence and confidence of this cute little child.. I love you Siddharth.. Be always the same my baby!!
Siddharth with my mom and my Nanni

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hai Zanoon!!

Jisko marna tha who mare nahi aur jisee nahi marna tha who mar gaya… this was the Siddharth's words the moment we were out after watching movie Newyork…

Today when my brother came he told him the below version of the movie…. He watched yesterday night…

Teen log hote hai.. woh college mein hote hai woh freinds ban jaate hai ek ladki hoti hai aur two boys bahut badee hote hai college jatee hai.. who race dekhte hai phir do bade boys friend ban jaate aur ek wife ..

College se bahar aake mazee karte hai.., who aadmi who baat soch raha hota… army hoti hai.. jo eske ghar pe shot kartee hai.. aadmi ek uncle ko bolta unhone hamare ghar pe shoot kara.. phir who army uskoo bolta hai lekin aadmi ko police ne hee bola hota kee shoot karo aur usne aadmi ke ghar pe guns rakhi hoti hai..

Bas itni hee yaaad hai.. ab main khelne ja raha hoon…
I was amazed the way Siddharth was telling the story to my brother… Hai Zannon hai zannon sa seene main .. yeh ladka itni cute batein karta hai.... What say?