Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Noi Cutie Pie!!

Noi Baby ab baby se baba ho gaya hai… Most of the time he will lok at my dress and say mamma aap bade achee lag rahe ho... If i just smile back him he will say mamma thank you bolo....
If you are just sitting and doing nothing he will come to me and ask me in a concerned tone Mamma kya hua....
Yesterday evening I was upset about my car as I hit the it in the pillar while parking, there was so much of space but I was absent minded… I amnever like this.. I am careful about the things around me ….. That’s the reason which made me upset..

He came to me Mamma kya hua, aapko TV dekhne … I said no bachha I am just thning about the car… then he put his little hands over my shoulders and said, mein appe lye paani lata hoon.. he went to the kitchen and then came back.. Mamma aap aayo he holded my finger ….. took me to the kitchen and asked me for a galss of water and then said piyo paani piyo..

Then he took me to his play room and said Mamma hum puzzle banaye….

I was just looking at him and thinking is it the Noi … my small baby….