Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Go Forward!!

These two words meant a full life to me, when I was doing the river rafting at the Great Ganga River…

The trip to the Rishikesh has unfolded so much of hidden talents in us…. The journey started on Friday October 13, 20006

I, siddharth and vivek along with one of my friend from US went in our red swift. …

We reached Har ki pauri (Ganga) in the night 1.00 clock, the water in the Ganga was chilled ….the scene was beautiful and good thing was there was no one so I could mange to do the photography…

After Ganga darshan we moved toward the Rishikesh… and a big reindeer came in front of the car, I was driving the car and it was too dark, could not do anything applied the brakes, the reindeer fell on the bonnet of the car, stood up and moved into the jungle…. The bonnet got damaged...

The road to Rishikesh from Haridwar passes through a Raja ji national park and the road is the passage to the animals, this sign board we could see in the light while on the way back from Rishikesh…

We reached to Rishikesh (Glass house) in the night … spend one day at the Ganga beach… amazing place, just go and relax….

Next day was the rafting day, river rafting in the Great Ganga River, It starts from a point eight km above the Glass house (marine point) and take you down to the Rishikesh….

We started from the Shiv puri, vivek did the first eight km and I drove the car down the hills first time in my life and that with siddharth sitting on the other seat.. Thanks to him he co-operated so well..

Siddharth was also wanted to do the river rafting…. It was my turn to sit in the raft, I was really scared …I was sitting on the front, the first rapid (a place where the stones are up in the river so makes the turbulence of water very high)

My raft was welcomed by a big wave of water, my heart was sinking, but then the two words from the trainer go forward brought my mind back and we crossed he rapid successfully …. I shouted with joy and feeling great to overcome the obstacles on the way….

Life is also the same, comes with the obstacles but the moment we choose to be Go forward , we can overcome the obstacles……………then we say it was nothing…..

Every experience you have is designed to make you stronger….

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Siddharth's Space!!

This year on children day , i thought of gifting Siddharth a complete make over of his room. At the door, Siddharth is welcoming by a clap, this picture was taken when siddharth clapped for the first time....

On the door handle is the dolphin, be careful kat legee......

Teddy's corner and Pin board.....................Find a way or make a way!!

BookShelf and Flip Chart, new world to know and understand...Tweety on the right wall and his favourite puzzle corner....The room became so beautiful, it is now the favourite room of house....

Inspiration from the quote on 14th Nov.: Whatever you teach a child, whether it is through your words or through your actions, lives on forever in his or her heart....

Stay in the box & Think out of the box!!

Siddharth found one empty carton in the house, and tried to get in and enjoyed so much...
I was shooting him, somehow he did't like and stopped me from shooting... but i could manage to some shots:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Shopping at MG Road!!

Supreme court in delhi has given orders for the sealing of the shops at the MG road , Delhi…

My favourite shop Maya Toys of puzzles for siddharth is also sealed I was feeling very sad about the fact, they have sealed it because of unauthorized area.. who has made it autorised ? The poster hanged on the wall explains the situtaion….

When I came down the road , few memories came across my mind, five years back when we shifted to Gurgaon and wanted a dining table for our home , me and vivek has really serached a lot on this road… few days back my younger brother bought me the hidesign bag that shop was also sealed ….

A Sardarji was selling his painting by sitting on the road….. I thought of buying one from him, honestly none of the painting attracted me so much.. ...

I don’t know how long it take for the re open of the seal… we can go again and buy puzzle for siddharth…….

Monday, November 20, 2006

Siddharth aur uske batein!!

Life has taken another beautiful direction with Siddharth, he adds more colour to it by his little sweet talks:

Whenever you say yes by nodding your head or say haan siddharth will immediately say haan kya hota haanzi hota hai…

Papa aap jaldi aa gaye… when vivek came home by 7’O clock...

Hasne kee baat nahi hoti... siddharth will say if you just laugh on anything unusual!! Which he feels that you should not laugh…?

Me and Vivek were talking about one of our friends visit to our house, all of sudden siddharth started shouting with joy by calling the name of their daughter… (Though we had not mentioned the name of the daughter) amazing memory kids have!!


Monday, November 13, 2006

Be Determine!

Today morning, I read a forward e mail on “EXPECT GOD”S FAVOR” by Joel Osteen, Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, whose motto is "Discover the Champion in You."

The story goes like this, there is a couple who wanted to enroll their son in a particular private school, but his birthday fell four days after the cutoff date, necessitating a yearlong wait. They felt strongly that their child would do better by starting school with children his own age, so they called the school to see if they could make an exception.

“No way,” the registrar told them. “I’m sorry; that’s against the rules and we never make an exception. Your child will have to wait an­other year.”

The couple remained kind; they weren’t rude. They didn’t jump down the registrar’s throat or try to manipulate matters. They knew they had the favor of God, so they politely said, “That’s fine, but we would like to speak with your boss.”

And they reached from Vice principal to Principal, but they get the same reply, NO”

Determine that couple, said, “Fine. But we’d like to meet with your boss.”

The principal said, “I report directly to the superintendent. I’ll arrange a meeting for you.

The couple met with the superintendent of the private school and explained the situation. The man offered no comment. He didn’t say yes; he didn’t say no. He just listened.

When they finished presenting their case, he said. “I’m going to have to get back with you.” The cou­ple left that meeting still declaring God’s favor. They were expecting to get a good report, expecting things to turn around.

About a month after that conversation, they received a call from the school registrar, the first woman with whom they had spoken. She sounded perplexed as she said, “In the fifteen years I’ve been here, we have never done this before. We don’t even know why we’re doing it now, but we’re going to make an exception and allow your child to at­tend school this term.”

What happened with me was, “I wanted to go to Khadi Gram Udyog Bhavan with my friend to pick up some stuff;” I was aware of the fact , I won’t be able to try the card ,so went to the ATM for the money, by mistake I tried the wrong pin, and card got retained by the ATM machine.

I was without money, and my friend also didn’t have money as she forgotten to pick the wallet, I told her we will not go back, as now we are going to have a favor from GOD, the plan is we will convince the shopkeeper that we will shortlist the things and then we can send someone to pick up the stuff…

We both were visting the shop for the first time, we reached and started short listing the things, after short listing two things, I went to the shopkeeper and explained the situation. He agreed in the first shot... And I and my friend were looking at each other with a great smile….

This is the favor of God. The school administrators and the shopkeeper may not have known why they were doing it, but we do.

It’s because God’s favor surrounds us like a shield. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances look like in your life.

Regardless of how many people tell you that what you’re attempting can’t be done, if you’ll persevere, declaring the favor of God and staying in an attitude of faith, God will open doors for you and change circumstances on your behalf.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Helping Others!

In the hot month of August at NH 8; I was coming from a book shop with Siddharth in our lovely car swiftu… Those two eyes met with me for a second, I stopped the car… asked the lady DO you need any help? That was unusual of me stopping the car at the highway … She answered with the mixed expression of fear and happiness yes…. I asked can I drop you somewhere. She was so happy yes I want to go to IFFCO chowk it was not on my way but still I said, ok come and sit... I started the car, with a relief she said I am so happy to get the ride, I am not familiar with this area, I came for an interview and for the last one hour I am waiting to get an auto, no bus is stopping and the Rickshaw wala is charging me very high... Thanks so much... I said, “its fine, this route is different there are no autos and bus doesn’t stop, are you sure that you can reach home safely if I drop you to the Chowk.” The chowk came and she blessed Siddharth and she went her own way….

By mistake or by fortunate, I had received an e mail from a fresher student of Food technology who has sent the application for the job, thinking that I can get him a job… The cover letter was written so badly that whosoever will read ignore it… I took down his no and called him up and told him to give me a call at my cell in the evening…. Without knowing who he is I thought of helping him out… he wanted to meet me , came to my home, and gave him few tips for how to write the cover letter, refined his resume, how to approach people in the industry, which is the different companies he can give a try…. His family and he were wondering that how can someone help without knowing the person….. The same incident happened when a girl from karnal called at our office and our reception transferred the phone to me…

One mail of a supplier came to my desk, the moment I opened I realised it doesn’t belongs to my department, passed it to everyone all said no… I was in a fix how to find out the purpose of the letter… an idea came called up the supplier, he was not on the seat , left the message no reply, called again in the evening… he was in a off mood and tried to be in fighting mood with me, i said ne thing, Dear Sir, I don’t know anything about this letter, I have called to help you out if you think that by fighting with me you will solve the purpose then go ahead, but this is not going to help you rather you should listen patiently as I am going to give you the right person’s name… then he really calmed down…

Yesterday , me , siddharth and my younger brother were coming out of the lift, when I saw one old man struggling with the gas cylinder he was carrying , all of a sudden I approached to the cylinder from the other end and helped him to the car… A big smile was on his face…. J J

It reminded me of few words by Mother Teresa People may really need help but may attack you If you help them. Help people anyway.

I really don’t know why I am like this… May be I do all this to heal my heart, to give happiness or…………….??

Zindagi ek Safar hai……………….
Jisne samajah liya who mast hai…
Zisne paa liya who shaant hai….
Zise nahi mila who talaash mein hai….

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nov. 7 – Siddharth’s Birthday!

Birthday what is the meaning of birthday – I was telling siddharth … A day on which your life , only one life starts, we should make all the good efforts to make this life happy that’s why we call it as happy birthday …. And celebrate it by distributing sweets and to this siddharth said, by cutting cake and blowing candle…

The day started with as other normal day… siddharth was wished by both of us… for him it is another full day for doing things on his own.. he started with by making an aeroplane on the bed with the help of pillows… and requested me to sit on it..as he is going to meet his grand ma at PUNJAB..

Sidharth went to school, we gave some chocloates for the kids in his class, he was given a card from the school, a song was sung in the assembly for him….
I had picked siddharth early from school since i wanted him to enjoy the day on his own, when I asked him where do u want to go, he said pick up some chips and go home..I took him to the book shop(to gift him a book) , today he picked the book himself NODDY ( Do it Yourself) , I hope he will be able to read it word by word by his next birthday …

In the evening the room was decorated with ballons, and stripers… when me and vivek started to put the air in the ballon with the mouth it was difficult but then we could manage to fill alomost 30 ballons… I have invited only close friends of siddharth as he is too small to handle a big gathering…
Here was the time for cake cutting…. Sidaharth was too excited for this.. He handled the knife too softly and cut the cake with full enthu... WOW!!

He wanted to feed his friends!! and we appreciated that..

Time to feed friends Aditya, Malika and Tanu… with the cake…

First was of course Malika and then Tanu....

Photo session with the friends ( from left Aditya, Tanu, Siddharth and Malika):

After eating cake all his friends were sitting down and playing with the toys… Everyone was excited with the puzzle, cars, hammer, beads.... Good Siddharth was also sharing his toys with the friends....

Siddharth was back to his puzzle …. Overall it was a good day for siddharth and I am sure he has enjoyed it the most ..

I was just thinking ONE LIFE LIVE IT…………………………..

Monday, November 06, 2006

Different mood swings!!

Have You ever enjoyed Frooti like this!!

Isme kya hai!!
Mama ko pata chal gaya!! Caught you!!