Thursday, June 07, 2012

Woh Kagaz kee kishti...

Yesterday when i was taking Siddharth and Reet meet my Nanny who has shifted to gurgaon.It reminded me of my childhood days when we use to spend our summer holidays at her house in Punjab. A small memory of those nice days came in front of me and gave me a nostalgic feeling. Those were the days when my mom will pack our bags and yesterday i was packing Reet and Siddharth cloths. We use to take our school bag, where Siddharth took his chess and a book on amazing facts he was reading for his summer holiday work. How the time has changed, there used to be all my other cousin also with me. We all will have fun together and enjoy our summer. Our mom never knew what we are up to and Siddharth felt bored after some time as he was not getting any attention. Still i tried to make this one day memorable for both my kids with a hope that when they grow up they should also have a nice memories of their summer the way i had today and always get my eyes wet when i remember those old days. 

Siddharth and Reet getting ready to go 

Siddharth got busy with his mammu playing chess
My cousin cooking rajma chawal for us
Both are posing happily for me

वो नानी की बातों में परियों का डेरा..
वो चेहरे की झुरियों में सदियों का फेरा
भुलाये नहीं भूल सकता है कोई
वो छोटी से रातें वो लम्बी कहानी...