Monday, April 27, 2009

A cute conversation!!

Today morning while bathing Siddharth, looking at how thin he has become a worried mom ask him a question which leads to a cute conversation, which I thought deserves a post
Mama: Siddharth you eat very less baby?
Siddharth: Mama mujhe bada nahi hona..
Mama (very surprisingly) : why bachaa?
Siddharth: agar mein bada ho gaya to mujhe fun game khelne ke liye time nahi milegaa.. mujhe office jana hoga..
Mama: which fun game
Siddharth : Like Mario, Icelander .. look Papa always say play alone I don’t have time I have to work..
Mama: No Siddharth u can always find time, like mama does sometime..
Siddharth(with a big smile) : Fine I will work from home and make my office at home..
We both were laughing, and he still eats less plays more…. But I was amazed to know the way a six year old is thinking….

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Talent Nanni!!

Went to Punjab this weekend, Siddharth got a new set of blocks from Nani( my mother).. named talent blocks and made a very nice table and chair...
Nanni i enjoyed making this..bindi and icecream bhi bahut yummy thee...............

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Josh Trip 3 - GOA

Long weekend and amazing offers at airlines.. made it possible to book the air ticket for complete family for GOA in a nice resort. The journey started on 9th April, reached resort and headed for the nearby beach Vagator.. Sidddharth was asking me where is sand, water.. as he wanted to play with his new sand kit at GOA.. siddharth playing with his new sand kit at Vagator beach
The sunset was beautiful at the vagator beach, the color of the water was deep blue during the sunset. Next day morning we were roaming around the resort to get a bike on rent, started moving out of the resort and took a lift from a man who dropped us at the place where all the people live who give bike on rent. Then Vivek saw a bike standing in someones backyard, and he said i want this bike only. We tried to look for the owner of this bike and found him finally.. below we all on the new rented bike. and then here vivek and siddharth on a bike in water at Baaga Beach, i must say when siddharth was far he made scare the mom's heart... and when they were back siddharth was talking about that the driver drove it slow...
This was Siddharth's first experience in ocean, initially he was scared but then he was going too far in ocean that he made me scared...

and this was really amazing when siddharth hide himself under the sand....
I remember when i went to GOA three years back alone on a business trip, the taxi driver took me to arambol beach and i love it going there since that day, but this time it was fascinating to watch and click siddharth on this beach when he was running after the birds to catch them..
The luckiest thing happened during our visit to Chaopra Fort, the view of the sea from this fort is beautiful, you feel like sitting there. On the way up to Chaopora fort, i lost my wallet, it was kept in a bag and by mistake i hold the bag in a reverse position, Vivek was coming behind me when he mentioned about it and i could check my keys and vivek wallet. when we reached up on the fort, i looked for my wallet in the bag and it was not there in the bag.. I told vivek i am going back and want to look for it..i went back and found it on the way and i was feeling so lucky... so this trip should be named as lucky Josh TRIP... what say?
Below is our names together on the sand....
yadein bus yadein rah jaati hai.................

Friday, April 03, 2009

Mast Raho!!

sarah, siddharth, asawari, amreen
All the kids were looking so sweet, that i could not resist myself from clicking them.. Today was Ram Naomi and Ashtami. We celebrated it home, with all these cute little friends of Siddharth!!
May God bless this friendship!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Truly Natural Office!!

The new office of Truly Natural Inagurated by Siddharth!!