Friday, February 29, 2008

Bahut hee bhole yeh nanhe munne!

Thanks to Niru for sharing such a lovely thought in the morning with a one liner ... We can never get this way again ... so enjoy!

We can never be so innocent, so sometimes i feel is the knowledge is good or bad.. the more knowledge we have more restrict we make our thinkings............

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hamara Manch!

This Saturday was Hamara Manch at Siddharth's school.. All the kids participated in a team and performed on the manch.... from the last few days Siddharth is entertaining us at home by singing one or another song….
All the kids were dressed in the dresses based on the theme…
Siddharth’s class Dew drops… they were dressed in T shirts designed by their didi’s …. All the kids were really very confident, they were not shying and participated very well… They were singing different songs like

पानी बरसा चम चम , chaaata लेकर nikle हम ,

phisel गए हम niche chaata ऊपर हम ....

I was amazed to see the co-ordination between the team of these small wonders….

एक दो एक दो बड़ते कदम , भारत माँ

का bachein हम, नही jhukengee नही rukengee आगे बड़ते जायें कदम !

Monday, February 11, 2008

Making a home to shifting home!

Project 802 is the name of the file I had on my comp for our home made at Vipul Green.

We booked this apartment three years ago, the letter came for the possession on my first brother birthday and we got the keys to the house on the second brother birthday and I am one sister blessed with these two brothers so is my home.

Siddharth is so excited to move into the new home, there are swings just down the tower and a swimming pool for kids and elders separately.

The work started on 14th Jan and going on…. I had an amazing experience of making it; the builders gave the kitchen as a raw space… so all your creativity to make a kitchen… The memories of running to the market just after the office, carrying the kitchen doors, handles and so many other things in my hand and then going home and packing for the movement are still very fresh… But I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process… I met so many other Moms while this, but none was as excited as I was.

I feel so great in talking to others about the knowledge I have gathered from the making of kitchen…. The carpenter was so glad on getting good ideas on the making of drawer.....

I was really amazed the way people work, could see a very similar co-ordination the way we work at co-operate world…. People management is the same wherever you are and whatever you make… either a home or a product at the factory…………………..