Sunday, November 12, 2017

Madras 23 - Last day at School

Dear Reet 

Today is your last day at the Chettinad school. Yesterday at the dinner you shared with me that you will give a tight hug and kiss to everyone. 

I am simply amazed at your maturity.  I have been thinking last many days that how do I make you ready for this day, but you just made it so simple for me.

You are very mature, intelligent and a sharp girl. God has blessed with you with these qualities and I believe you will do great in your life!!

Love you darling!!

Monday, November 06, 2017

Madras 22 - You are Fourteen today!

Dear Siddharth

A very happy birthday to you.

Today you turn 14 and it’s a big number and bigger the numbers are for age bigger becomes the responsibility.

I can’t imagine that you are 14 now, I still remember the day when you born. We went to the hospital in the morning and I was in labour pain for more than 11 hours and you were born in the night. I remember my doctor Reeta Darbari holding my hand in the night around 9pm. And at 1110 in night you came on this beautiful earth our beautiful son. And when you born your sound was little less noisy, and in the morning when they checked they could not figure out and refereed us to you in the big hospital in Delhi name Gangaram. So here I was again in action the very next day of your birth. I am sure you will be wondering why I am sharing all this with you. I am sure today you will understand each and every word of this email.

We had to go to the big hospital and you are just one day old and here I am in the ambulance with you going from Gurgaon to Delhi and now you can very well imagine when your mom is in action how she takes charge and behaves there were lot of anxiety among us. When we reached to the big hospital they put you on the big bed and you were so tiny. The doctor who was supposed to do your examination was busy and no body was calling him as he was really big in position.

I got panicked and could not see you lying alone on the bed and started looking for the doctor myself and all were wondering why this woman is making noise. Finally our effort got paid and the doctor came and he asked where is the mother. I said I am the one and he was shocked to see me running as I have just delivered a boy and I was supposed to be in bed rest because of the stitch and other medical complications. When he looked at me in a shock I told him now you know the reason on my noise.

They finally examined and they figured out that the cover of your food pipe is very weak so when we feed you milk we have to do it slowly and funny thing is you always use to make sound when I was feeding you. They kept you under examination for seven days with another babies in the nursery and you were there alone. I will go to nursery , with the help of breast pump take milk and keep for you and then we will feed you. And then evening we come home and next day morning again back to you. See how strong you were from the day you came on this earth. Then final after seven days we brought you home and it was so relived and amazing. I took leave from my work and job and dedicated myself complete to you. You know you use to cry on the sound of a whistle else you were always a very happy, curious and intelligent boy. So this is how you came on this earth and look at you today how big, smart and handsome you have become. There are many other stories with you, how we bought our first ac in house as we could not make you feel heat and our first  heater as we could not make you feel cold. You are an Apple of our eyes. Your each and every moment is recorded on my blog.

Today when you are 14 and the day you were born I never imagined that you will be studying so far and in a very prestigious school. That’s how life happens to you, but one thing was always in my mind that My son should get the best of education that’s why you are here today. Seriously I don’t have such dreams for your sister, you are really special for me.

Son, when you are 14 today I have expectations from you and I find it strange. But then I can’t help myself. I really want you to take full charge of your studies and get dedicated the way you are for your online games. I will be the happiest mom on this earth when I see you putting hard work in your Maths and other subjects. Nothing is difficult till the time you don’t make an effort to learn same. Make the best of these five years and shine. You can shine and you have all the qualities to shine. Be kind to others, let the world make fun but you be different and love who you are. Don’t try to become like somebody else because that not your journey.

Live your destiny and give your best as this time of foundation will never come back!!

Love you and bless you
Your mom

Ps:) Sorry I could not come this time as I did not know you were expecting me else I would have come with Reet. :)