Monday, May 28, 2012

Morning Walk with Siddharth!!

Siddharth is having his summer holidays, when he wakes up he will come to Reet and pick her up. She also looks forward to this time with Siddharth as she is most of the time in the bedroom. Siddharth will take Reet out and shows her the house. It is very interesting and imaginative the way Siddharth explains to Reet. I love the whole conversation and love Siddharth for being so creative and responsible that Reet should understand the whole thing. Here is typical the conversation goes, today i captured the same what Siddharth shared. 
Siddharth: Reet our bedroom, this is your room you come her daily. Don’t be surprised at the mirror it is just a mirror it reflects us.
Reet this is Geeta Didi, she is also a human being like you and me. This is kitchen where mume cooks food for you and me.
Reet this is my room, this is my bed and this is my ball.
Reet this is mume’s office, and this is bathroom one bathroom I showed you, you know already and Reet these are plants. They also live like us they don’t speak and move. They feel.
Reet this drawing room and this is my Firefox cycle. This Buddha has 77 diamonds I have counted them (  I never noticed that Buddha has so many diamonds)
Reet this is TV room and this is guitar. Me and Papa has a separate guitar mine is smaller and Papa has big and this is another room.

फूलूँ का तारों का सब का कहना है एक हजारों में मेरी बहना है....