Sunday, February 01, 2015

Madras 12 - Conversation with Little One..

Now a days it is so much of fun to have little conversation with you. Your questions are filled with curiosity and mostly you have your own answer to your question, which I love hearing from you. At age of 35 months you could talk in full sentences. I remember your first full sentence was Reet is wearing shoes. I love the way you say your own name in the conversation. 

You have learned to express your needs, sorrow, happiness and joy through words/ sentences now. We speak in three languages at home, and you can communicate one full sentence in one language. Here is some record of few conversations we had. 

You: Mumma what is this. 
Me: You tell. 
You: This is a Drum 
Me: Reet this is a guitar
You: This is a drum guitar and after some time you say this is a guitar with a twink in your eyes.

You: Mumma what are you doing?
Me: I am cooking vegetable
you: Oh vegetable wow!! 

You: She wants to touch a dog.  
Me: How Reet
You: I do not know

# On the way to the car I do not like to sit in a car seat
# On seeing your father driving, पापा गाड़ी चला रहे है

# You sing Jingle bells on seeing Santa made with lights. 

# Your father bought some dresses and you asked innocently can I try? 

# You are riding a scooter in a shop and to my surprise you left it  by saying to yourself I cannot take scooter. 

# Reet is crying. 

# You cannot see me upset like your brother, you come immediately to me and ask me Mama what happened and then you say mama I am sorry. 

# And when you do not know how to do something you say in a very cute voice. मुझे नही पता कैसे चलते है 

# You love wearing dresses and on that I will write a new post. Whenever I wear cloths for work you come to me and appreciate by saying wow nice dress.  

# You close the door of the room, when you do something which you know that you should not be doing. Most of the time it is when you are using my cream and lipstick. 

We all are in love with you, love with your innocence,  and love the way you shower so much of unconditional love. Sometimes I see my reflection in you and feel so proud and scared at same time. I pray that you do not grow up as honest with your thoughts as me. I pray that you should be more smarter than me. 

Madras 12 - Translations

I do not know how you learned to translate words in different language. We speak three language at home Hindi, Punjabi and English, and you even can translate into Tamil. Tamil is spoken to you by our staff at Srishti. I am amazed how did you learn to do same. Children hear and they speak. But you have an ability to think and belong to same. For a record here are the few words you even started at the age of 20 months. 

1. You will say Water पानी water and now you have added Tani to same in Tamil 
2. Food खाना Food
3. Study पड़ाई study 

and you could say your name and others also at age of 20 months. Now at three you translate full sentence. 

1. Muma what are you doing?

म्‍मा आप क्या कर रहे हो1 म्‍मा आप इंटरनेट कर रहे हो 1 muma you are doing internet. 

2. Reet wants water. रीत को पानी चाहिए1 

I am feeling great at your translation and making a post here for you and all of us to enjoy...