Monday, August 03, 2009

A milestone....

Vivek and Siddharth at Vagator Beach Goa
This is my 100th post, It reminds me of the celebration we use to make at Pepsico for the first 100ton of production and then for the first 100 crore of turnover. The mails with the best wishes will float from all over.. There was a huge amount of team work which was involved to make that 100 To this 100, i have grown with each and every post.

I would like to thank the two special men in my life, without their love and support it was not possible to reach here Thanks Vivek and Siddharth
Vivek, a silent and strong bond he shares with me and my blog, whenever I write a post I send him a link for him to read. A small smile or a wow or reply saying too good values me the most.

Siddharth, who is the hero of this blog, thanks baby without your cute conversation, amazing doings it was not possible to reach here. Thanks baby and be always the same.. Though he has a fair idea, mama writes about him. As whenever he makes something or says something and if I pick a camera or pen he will show his full interest. I am sure he will appreciate more when he starts reading …

A special thanks to a friend who introduced to me to this beautiful world of words three years ago. Thanks Kavi, for your constant support and believe in me.

Looking back, I never thought that internet can bring this special bond of connecting with people you have never met, never seen.. Many thanks to all the blog friends I have on my blog roll and more to come, thanks for making time to read my blog, showing your support through your comments they mean a lot to me. I always look forward to them so keep on writing…

At the 100ton of production we had ladoos, so leaving to the market to get the ladoos for this 100th also…..