Sunday, June 21, 2009

Logic or love!!

I had a voucher of 100 Rupees from Shopper stop, which were to expire by month end. Today being Sunday holiday, decided to redeem it. Siddharth being the cutest choice, I decided to give it to him, he agreed to a toy under 100 rupees. He was excited.
At the shop he liked the cars, a usual thing for any boy to like it. I looked at the puzzle under 100 rupees a usual thing for me as I believe into more of a utility. We both were debating on it which goes as below:
Mama: Siddharth you already have 10 cars, what a big deal, it will add one more to it.
Siddharth: Mama I need it as I loved it and I don’t have this model. We have many puzzles also.
Mama: (being more polite) Baby, look if u buys the puzzle you can show to everyone and give them the challenge to do it. They will say wow..
Siddharth: Mama we can do the same with other puzzle also, everybody has not seen many of the puzzle. And then with a sad look on his face he says , Ok whatever you say with eyes looking somewhere else.

By this time I decided to buy the car, I don’t know it was his logic or my love which convinced me. But the moment he saw the cars. He came gave me a big hug and a million dollar smile………… And there is no logic after this:)