Monday, February 08, 2010

Santro Kee Baarish!!

Its raining outside but she is not with me today to give me the shelter as she did in the year i got married.. It was the very recent days of my marriage, Vivek was dropping me till the bus stop in our brand new car Santro, and it started raining. Both of us planned to bunk the office. Vivek had a small one hour job at the office and we planned that i will sit in santro in the parking and he will finish the job.. Those were the days without mobile phone.. so i did not had any other option but to wait in the car... It was raining heavily and first time i heard the sound of rain drops from very close..and enjoyed the time alone with Santro, rain and FM music.. we remember this sweet incidence as santro kee baarish.. 

Siddharth with our first car Santro while she is going

Santro has gone now.. i had tears in my eyes saying good bye to her... she was there with me and lived for nine years with me and seen all the ups and downs in my life.. 

Below is the one who replaced Santro, but the memories are still there .... 
Vivek and Siddharth with our new possession in life...

दिल तो बचा ही जी ( dil to bachaa hai jee)