Thursday, October 21, 2010

Myself and Siddharth had a US Visa Interview yesterday morning. When we were through with the complete process, and stepped out of Embassy i just realized that i had removed my diamond ring at the Finger print counter and forget to put it back. 

We went back and informed the security guard about this, a very kind person took us inside and the counter was closed. I was looking around at the counter the place i have kept it and there was no sign of a ring there. In the meanwhile Siddharth goes to some place around three to four feet away from window picks up the ring and ask me, " Mama yeh aapkee ring hai ( Mother is this ring belongs to you) 

Overwhelmed with the happiness of finding it by Siddharth i kissed him and we came back, i was so glad that even the happiness of passing through the VISA was nothing in front of it.. 

 Thank you Siddharth and GOD!!

तेरी ये नन्ही सी आँखो ने जो आज देखा है..
और जिसे ढूँढ लाया है
वो मेरे लिए जो खुशी लाया है
वो याद रहेगे तेरे और प्यारी बात के साथ!!