Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pastry at Narula's !!

One fine evening in Gurgaon, i had some work went along with Siddharth, Vivek was having dinner out with some less important office people so thought of having dinner with Siddharth at nearby Narula’s restaurant, due to some technical error at ATM, could not withdraw money. With a thought of so called debit visa card as the payment mode me and Siddharth with a shaandar parking in the designated parking lot entered into the restaurant

To our first surprise the first person who seems to be a waiter to me said sorry madam we don’t accept card… here is Siddharth shouting with excitement on seeing all different kinds of cake Mummy i want the cake… so i thought of going to the manger and requested him the same problem….

Here is the manager with no believe into me that i am a genuine need and thinking of me as some crook , asked where do u live i said phase V and my office is nearby with a polite and innocent expression of motherly love answered…. With no expression of kindness he replied,” madam you don’t know that card are not accepted at any fast food restaurant , I was like what to do situation… since SIDDHRTH was still excited to see pastry and cakes … aur meri nazar padi ek black forest pastry ke rate par… 25/- .. and struck into my mind that had only this much change in my change bag..

Rushed to the car with siddharth baby let’s go to the car and bring the money… he was too good to understand that and came quietly with me…. Here was another twist MR. Rajindera the parking boy, requested him don’t have money the only money I have is to buy my son a pastry from so called professional people… to my kindness he agreed on first thought and asked me to give back the parking slip…

We entered again to the restaurant this time with more grand smile on our faces… paid him and Siddharth was enjoying his pastry to the last bite.. Unaware of all this which was going through my mind…

Then i remembered … that last time at PIZZA HUT we paid by VISA card…. Before leaving the restaurant i went to him and told him that PIZZAHUT accepts card.. and blessed him May God never put you into this kind of a situation…..

I hope i did right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we go back thanking the Rajindera for waving the parking fee…i had the time of my life was playing in the car……………………..