Saturday, June 27, 2009

A cute conversation!!

When I was feeding food to Siddharth today a cute conversation happened :
Siddharth: Mamma aap apne tummy mein ek baby rakho.. mujhe ek baby chahiye,,,
Me: Kyoon
Siddharth: So that I can play with him..
Me: Siddharth we can have baby by other way also
Siddharth : Kaise
Me: We can adopt a baby there are many babies who doesn’t have parent so we can adopt
Siddharth: Hum uska khyaal rakh sake, aur usko paal ke appna baby bana le..
Me: ( by this time amazed ) : haanzi..
Siddharth: Mamma who log aapko phone karte hai kee babby le lo..
Me: You want a boy or girl
Siddharth: Jo jaldi bada ho jayee…

I am laughing and laughing on the innocence , commonsense and confidence of my cute little baby..
I love you Siddharth!!