Sunday, November 07, 2010

A Journey so far.. 7 years on 7th Nov

" It is a boy" i always remember these words from the most beautiful moment on this earth..  

This last one year has been very different from the first six years. In the last one year you have walked confidently on the path which your father and i have built for you in the  first six years.. 

Siddharth's first stand
Siddharth running alone in the desert of sampi

You started reading hindi and english in full sentences, and i miss the days when  we use to  play a game of finding alphabet in the poster of film, to pass our time in the movie hall.. now you read the full poster and share with me.. and i feel proud of you , son that you are able to make sentences on your own..

 Siddharth's first note which he wrote himself 
You make models with blocks and call me with your sweet voice, म्‍मा आप इसे क्लिक नही करोगे (will u not click this). I  miss my excitement of running for the camera so that i should not miss those moment of making blocks. 

Earlier  i will guess what you have made and now you explain what it is and about its various function.. I miss my innocence and love your affection and explanation..
Now you spend more time at the school and i miss our afternoon lunch.... and the small memories around it.. and i look forward to hear your stories of lunch at school..

I miss your days of playing with sand with you, and i love the way you make the sand sculpture now.. 

Dear Son, today on your special day with you in your special way, i wish you a life full of confidence, masti and love.. may you choose the paths you love doing the best!! AMEN!!

तुमहारी हर चीज़ को जानने की जिगसा,
हमारे गयान को बदती है
तुमहारे पूछे गये प्रश्नो से
बातो में नवीनता आ जाती है!!

and when i read above lines written by your class teacher on you i have tears of happiness in my eyes..

With love and happiness your mom...