Monday, June 22, 2009

Socha hai!!

I was reading a book to Siddharth on fishes. The moment I read that fishes doesn’t have legs, Siddharth gave me an annoyed look and said Mamma Fishes don’t have legs, we can see it clearly. We must write a letter to the publisher of book… I was left with no answers to these thoughts of him ........and asking my self socha hai....... We were going to the basement parking, and we spotted a German shepherd dog, named Simba. Then all of a sudden Siddharth asks me Mamma do you know why this dog has been named Simba. I was clueless. Looking at me he said Mamma This dog looks like a lion in the story of Lion King. The lion was named Simba in the story so this dog is also named Simba. People scared from him the way we do from Lion, so this is Simba….
He said these with a great innocence. Many times kids amaze us with their thoughts and words. They are very pure and innocence, which I believe is the purest thing on the earth.
Aasman hai neela kyoon.. paaani gila gila kyoon…….Socha hai………is the song playing in my heart now…………………..