Friday, October 11, 2013

My little Expressive Child!!

My last post was about Siddharth writing a beautiful story on his own, and this is about beautiful words my little 21 months old can speak. The life is at a contrast and i am loving it. Yes i also have my moments to feel upset few of them are when my movement get restricted.Then i come to this place, read the post, and feel great. I have made a conscious decision of not hiring a nanny for my kids. I want to enjoy their childhood... why do i pay someone to enjoy a beautiful childhood. Here are the cute words Reet can speak in her cute and clear voice.

She could say words like मम्मा,पापा, भाई, नानी, bye and tata from the age of ten months. Now for the last few days she repeats every word we say, she is our little parrot. 
1. Muma is the one most clear word and of course her first word at the age of 10 month. She started saying on my brother gagan wedding. 
2. Papa - There is a beautiful story behind this, she started with saying daddy the moment vivek will say Papa she would say daddy. Then one day she said Papa on 26th July 2013 (not in front of him) and now he is Papa.
3. भाई - She said Bhai very clearly and from the beginning he was Bhai and now she fondly calls him भैया and to my surprise she can say Siddharth. 
4. Nanny 
5. Daddy - To my dad 
6. खोलो - open
7. बंद- close
8. दीदी
9. गीता - Our Domestic help
10. Thank you - When you give anything to her you will hear a beautiful sound of Thank you
11. काकुच - When she want to eat snack, fruit
12. खाना- She know a clear difference between a meal and snack. 
13. रोटी  
14. Wow
15. Oh oh!
16. Shoe - whenever i get ready she will start following me saying shoe...
17. Park - When  we wear her the shoe, or we get down to the park.. the first word is park and second is swing 
18. पानी - water 
19. Peek a boo
20. Jingle - The moment she will sit on her high chair for food she will say jingle means play jingle bells for me and then Bingo
21. Dance - Lets dance 
22. हट - GO away
23.Cow, Pig, Cat
24. Come lets go
25. No No  
26. दादी
27. I touch - I wonder why we call it ipad... 

While writing this i just learned that she can say many words and is on the journey to express her beautifully.... 

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Magic Wand

Yesterday Siddharth wrote a beautiful story on Hamara Mela ( His schools birthday celebration happened on sep 28th) 

I was on hamara mela in the magic land, i found a real wand. Suddenly i felt like something was pulling me towards it. I could not hold of it and jerked me and i went flying into the sky. Then there was a flash of pink light and i fell on something soft!..... 
Where was i what was this thing i felt really sacred and pretty hungry. I got up and saw i was lying on a hay and it looked like i was in a forest. Suddenly two little creatures came out the bushes they move they were as small as honeybees and insects. 
The first thing i felt was excitement then it grew into fear. I went to their homes and hey told me they were faries. All of them talked happily and joked till fairy queen told me that a goblin was troubling them and the holder of pink wand could kill it. ....
I went to the goblins lair and waited for it to the goblin fought violently but i killed them and once again peace was restored in fairy land. we had a great feast and the everything went pink and i was in my homes backyard again.  
So many children begged me to tell me my adventures that i wrote a story about it and you have just finished reading it. 

A wonderful story, reminds me of the day of writing about him when he just learned how to talk and today he narrates a story. I am felling so happy that my purpose of thins blog is getting fulfilled, signing off now with a promise to me that i will be more regular in writing here... God Bless!! 

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Raksha Bandhan 2013

Siddharth and Reet celebrated this Rakhsa Bandhan.The best thing about festivals is that i can wear Reet a lehnga and i love the way she carries her special dress. She was very excited since morning and the most amazing was that she could feed Siddharth sweets. Manveer Siddahrth close friend joined us this rakhi and Reet tied the rakhi to him also and excitedly fed him sweets. I am eagerly waiting for the next year rakhi, when i believe she can tie the rakhi to her brother herself and narrate me the story also. Here are the pictures: 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Growing Together!!

Today while cleaning up Siddharth room, Reet came and helped me. When reet born everyone told me that now you will have a different experience, girls are very different. They are emotionally more attached to you. Today i can understand what they meant, a small job which i need to tell Siddharth more than ten times, reet is helping me on her own. I am not comparing my two kids; we are all different from each other.  Reet is a little explorer while Siddharth has been always a creative child. He amazes me with many things he makes from lego. His airplanes and car design i sometime believe i should get it patented. 

Life is growing at a fast pace with two of them around, when i see both of them growing with love and affection towards each other. It gives me a feeling of calmness that they are there for each other. They both have a gap of more than eight years, but when they are together it never seems. She can give him an equal response when he teases her, he can play with her as if she is equal to his age. They both fight with each other and then they are together. He teases her by taking away the things she likes; she teases him with love from us. She never allows him to come near me when i am holding her. She sleeps early and he reads late. But they are never apart.

Life is all about the difference i can make in their life. When they grow up, they will be leading their own life, making their own future. I will remember these days of growing together through this blog and when i am not there they can come and see this space, how beautiful the life is when you grow together!! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

गर्मी की छूटी से जन्मदिन तक!!

This space has been ignored for a very long time.. Life is running at its pace. My mind is occupied with so many things that could not get time to concentrate and write. Today when i read the blog of my other friends it inspired me to write the post. This post is an update on the life spent in the last three months.

In my last post where Reet has started walking, today she walks completely. The journey from first steps to the more steps has been wonderful. I talked to myself that when we go to pick Siddharth from school after the summer vacation, Reet will walk on her own. As if she listened to my thoughts and the moment we steeped out of the house, she walked on her own. That was the first day that she walked and did not hold my finger.

The summer this time was very different from all other holidays, With Siddharth reaching to his preteen age and getting more independent he wanted to do activities on his own . His love for books has increased so much that he did not like to do anything in the summer. We finished the whole project work for summer in the last three days, where we both had great fun in creating poems, crosswords and different layout for his work. We had conflicts on the opinion where i took time to understand what was in his mind and finally i agreed to him. 

After the summer, Reet started walking. It took me time to believe that she was on her own now. Her love for exploring thing has experimented many things from our wallet to each drawer in the house. She can make tower by staking pieces.

With both of them growing, there are some moments where i felt that time should stop here. Here are the few pics

 उड़ी, नींदें आँखों से जुड़ी, रातें ख्वाबों से मूडी, यह जाने मैं कहाँ!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Steps!!

On 25th may, 2013 when me and Reet was sitting and playing with toys, she stood up and took her first two steps. We both were excited, i could see the smile of achievement in her eyes. I was more thrilled than her, that my daughter took first step of her life. May God bless her in this journey!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Growing Up!!

This post is there in many mind for the last two years, today i got the words to express. I noticed that there are different kind of conflict between me and Siddharth, they are more like grown ups. He has started pointing out my behavior, use of my words and more important my expression towards him. 

I always had this feeling that he will be more independent after the age of nine, but never thought he will be independent in thoughts also.

How to accept rejection from a nine year old, where he does not want to do his homework, taking bath on regular time and so on.... I have always wished a relationship with my kids, based on love and trust. Sometimes i just hit the wall and my thoughts get blocked. 

The session in Siddharth School on adolescence and growing up gave me beautiful insights. Why we are worrying so much about our kids, why we always feel that we need to give the answer to all their question in details, why cannot sometime we also just go with the flow. Kids at the age of nine and ten, when they are exploring their own independence are not always looking for all the answers from us, they are just looking for assurance that they are doing right. Why we always want to be their friends and forget our role as parents. We only wanted them to be independent and explore own their own, now when they are going to do the same. We are not able to handle rejection from them. 

It is fine if a  nine year old want to spend all the day in reading or in playing. You need to go with the flow. Yes we should worry when they hide something, when they dont share anything at all. What does independence means live the way you want to be. But yes never forget to remind them that you are always there for them if they need us. We are always there for them when they look back for assurance that they are doing right. So that when they turn adults, they tell u dont be behind me, come and walk with me.. i need you here my mom!! 

Papa i am soon going to be taller than you!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art Galore 1

Cleaning and Renovation in the house, gave us a chance to go through some of the art work done by Siddharth four years back. The visit to the art was worth, each work spoke many unsaid beautiful words of love, his skill.  Below is the pics from some of the work!!

There is a complete art booklet, where a teddy bear goes on a world tour. 

Reet is more interested to take his bindi..

Riddle and Jokes Booklet in Hindi

Nice umbrella

I like the logis, Since He is non vegeterrin so his name is strong king and there is a super man
Crown for mume

The top of the invitation which is always made by kids

Rangoli On the another invitation, amazed to see his creativity at age 5

Siddharth loves his school because it has many blocks to make puzzle..

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Being in present!!

Today when one boy on the street was begging for money, he was saying something in a tune. I was getting irritated on his constant chase. Then suddenly i felt happy, when i saw Reet smiling on his tune. I was thinking that kids always live in present, he was singing and reet was smiling. Its we as adults attach so much to the present that it is no more a present and in the whole process we forget to enjoy the moment.

We condition our mind with knowledge from past and apply it everywhere. I was remembering that when we are with the friends, read a book, listen to the music or do some activity which we enjoy to do then we are in present. But why on other situations we get attached and invite pain or pleasure. 

Our kids always live in present, we connect our stories to them and make their life tough sometime. We forget that one day they are going to fly their own way and make their own nest. 

Till that time lets live in present and enjoy life with these little ones!! Amen!! 

Reet and Siddharth enjoying with bug...

When you are quiet you can sense upcoming shifts in your life long before the actual shifts. Nothing is surprising, everything is welcome and consciousness keeps rising

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All about greeting card!!

I always have a nostalgic feeling in remembering the number of greeting cards i use to get on my birthday, Diwali and new year before my wedding. I use to display my greeting cards on the Trolly of the TV a place where i could always see them and cherish it all the time. The birthday cards were replaced with Diwali cards and then these one with the new year cards. Every year this trend continued for almost six to seven years. 

When Reet and Siddharth got the greeting card on Reet birthday my memories got fresh. The only difference was these all cards are handmade by Reet and Siddharth cousin Shreya and extended family Dev, Siya and Bani. I loved the expression on them, the pictures are beautiful. 

Few cards are very modern, as they are pop up cards. I loved the way all of them has done special efforts for Reet and Siddharth. Although Reet cannot read them now, but i believe when she will grew up she will read this post and see how beautiful her first birthday became after getting these lovely cards from the dear ones. I am sure she will appreciate everyone more than i have done.
From Shreya she made a little Reet
From Siya - Beautifully captured the bday for gifts and ballons
Like the instruction part here- depicts the innocence of a child
Pop Up Card by Dev
For Reet and Siddharth from Dev

From Baani - Loved the way she has written Reet name
I liked the description of Happy Holidays from Dev

From Dyuti - to Siddharth in reaching class 3
Expression of love
Don’t write your name on the sand, waves will wash it away.
Don’t write your name in the sky, wind may blow it away.
Write your name in the hearts of people you come in touch with. That’s where it will stay.