Wednesday, January 06, 2010

All is Well JOSH Trip 7 !!

The Josh started from the  3 idiots. After watching the movie on the last sunday. We got so inspired that took the off from Tuesday and started the journey towards Dehradun for the new year celebration so the journey towards Josh Trip 7 began. 

Below are the photos from the trip.. by the way this was the last Josh trip for the year  2009 also.. Hope to have more josh trip in the coming year.. 

Siddharth's creativity was best at this trip he started with the game made out of ganna ( sugarcane)

Siddharth playing pichoo with ganna 

making Cat in the Hat from Crayons.. 

Siddharth's Boat from leaves and sticks

Siddharth and Dev with Vivek doing Sewa at Ponta Sahib Gurudawra 

Siddharth and Vivek Khetoon mein 

Siddhartha crossing River with his friend Dev  

Siddharth with his friend Siya making plans for the sand castle 

Siddhartha in the garden of Bird House 

Siddharth enjoying Sun with his Father 

यह लम्हे यह पल हम हर पल याद करेंगे
यह मौसम चले गये तो हम फरियाद करेगे