Saturday, August 04, 2007

Santro & Me!

Saturday working at office! Really don't like as Vivek and Siddharth has holiday and i go office and they have fun together.... miss this fun part..

When today afternoon i was coming back from office in a hot afternoon, i was heading for the lunch at Gaggi home in valley view. All of a sudden the car stopped, petrol got finished in the car.. Scooter ke reserve wali adaat abhi tak gayi nahi.. Vivek and Siddharth were out to Delhi in their program at Nehru Planetarium...

Luckily i could park the car on one side of the road, first called up Gaggi i will be late, what to do on this hot afternoon of MG road in Gurgaon....Thinking who can help me, Called up Surinder, he is an amazing person in finding the solution for all the different kind of work, he was the one who did my help in converting my dream of Siddharth’s room into reality. His works are amazing. He was around, but took him half an hour to reach..

I was thinking i always had good memories of santro..

I locked the car, had a book in my bag.. Started reading it. I was sweating like anything but was enjoying my reading in the car... it reminded me of the day when i was waiting for Vivek at the parking of his office in the santro ( it was raining that day) and made the teddy bear in the car as we both were going for a movie after that....

I was reading the book, Surinder came with two big pepsi bottle filled with petrol. Filled the tank, started for Gaggi home.. His home is in Arravali mountain area of Gurgaon, got stuck in the jam... came back for home, i was too hungry and nothing was cooked at home.

Saw a Dhaba sideways, got the dal , again read the book and then came home to finish the reading....

Thanks Santro, i had enjoyed my weekend with you!!