Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reets First Birthday!!

Whenever i look at Reet, she gives me different expression all the time. My heart knows that we have just celebrated her first birthday, but my mind does not believes it. How the time has flown and she is creating a new memory with me everyday and every moment that is fading the other memories from her. The one memory which is always there in my mind is the first word the doctor said when i delivered her :" It's a girl" My heart fills with so much of happiness and love when i remember this. 

I recall each and every day and every night spent with her since the day she is born. I remember the first night in the hospital, when she was showing discomfort every hour and the moment we patted her she became quiet. 

I remember her first smile, her first food experience, how she rolled on her back, her smiles in her sleep, how she started sitting with support, how she started getting up on her own. I cannot believe that she did all this when today she tries to stand, for me she is still the small baby i just delivered. 

I know she is one year now, when she calls me mama, when she runs away from me when i call her name. She can say few words like mama, aaja, bye, massi and jai jai.. I know she is one year when she claps her hands beautifully.

We decided too celebrate the first birthday of our princess in a very unique way, there was a hawan in the morning where only the family was invited. Plants with a note made from recycled calender were given as gift to family and friends

Friends join in evening and surprised with Cake. It was a beautiful cake. Reet enjoyed her first birthday with patience and love, she makes me feel proud of her. 
Here is a small revisit to how we celebrated her first birthday

In the morning, enjoying with brother
With the birthday note we made at home
Return Gifts

Enjoying moments with Nannu

Sitting quietly at Hawan

The Whole Gang

Four Musketeers

With Vasu and Smriti Bua

 I can stand now
Happy First birthday our princess!!