Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kuch nayee Kadam!!

Siddharth With his friends Mani & Khushi at the skating ground 

This Sunday was spent at Delhi, Siddharth participated in an event of skating. This was the first competition for siddharth. 

The ground was full with kids, Siddharth was quite confident like all other kids. I remembered when i have to perform in a fancy dress show at the age of seven i was really nervous. Now  day's kids are very confident. 


All of the kids performed very well. Though he has not got the first position but he was happy on getting a trophy and certificate for participation. When he shared this in his class at school,he mentioned अगर में First आता तो मुझे मेडल मिलता...(if i would have scored the first position i could get the medal)

Siddharth with the participation certificate and trophy
I am glad at his participation, anyways he has given me the award for life as he has started reading three letter words in English....

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