Monday, October 19, 2015

Madras 18 - Expressing and exploring!!

For the last few days, letters from Siddharth and talks from Reet Inspired me to write this post. 

Siddharth letters are all about how is he exploring the different faces of world like friendship, love, sadness, caring, happiness etc... His question are very interesting, whom we should trust? Why we talk on different level to different people? How we are happy and sad at same time? What is life? I feel very blessed when you ask me these kind of questions. You have been asking me questions since you started talking, and I have always enjoyed them and answered them to my best level of knowledge. 

In this post I am not going to answer any of your question, I am writing here so that when you both grow up and build your own nest. I come here and read and enjoy my days of parenting with you. 

I want to remember always that I have thoroughly enjoyed a complete contrast in my parenting to both of you. 

Siddharth , You are at exploring your world of question and where Reet my younger one and my chote sai you are expressing so beautiful. You are so intelligent that you always amuse me with your talks.

Few days back you got up in the morning and said Mom I want to say good morning to Ipad.

Today when I was resting you came looking for me with Ipad in your hand and we have a beautiful conversation: 

Reet: Mom can I sit here
Me:  Yes Reet, close your iPad. 
Reet: Mom, I am going out, and after few seconds you came again and said Mom don't get up. You are sleeping so sleep. 

You love to play roles of different people and instruct us to call you by those roles. You love to play role of your friend Poornima, Aru Aunty and Bhaiya... 

I feel so happy and blessed with two of you around and love you my children. May you experience this beautiful world with your ways to cherish!!