Monday, August 24, 2009

3rd aniversary!!

Siddharth with his friends i dedicate this post to this friendship

Since morning there are different thoughts coming and going thru mind.. then came the thought oh it's been three years that i am taking care of this blog.. So this blog is three year old.. and i was going through my older post when i saw my first post about Siddharth..

Every post has grown, as Siddharth has grown from this first post... and his cute talks. I love u Baby. You and your talks are the inspiration and soul of this blog..

My blog is another world of words for me, which inspires me. I am waiting for the day when Siddharth will start reading this blog, and express his thought in the form of comments. ...

In three years many minds have come here and leave their impression, which keeps me moving and lead to the next step of writing another post.

Just now a friend called up to congratulate me on my well written article for Economic times, the day has started with the bundle full of joy and smiles... the link is here article at ET

Happy birthday once again and may GOD bless you with many new posts and many more people to read.... AMEN!!