Monday, July 13, 2009

ek naya dost!!

Siddharth has got an amazing capability of connecting with people of different age. One of my cousins visited us this weekend. I met him almost a year and we have been rarely together after my marriage. His training at Gurgaon gave us an opportunity to spend two days together.

The way Siddharth has spend the weekend with him, was not looking like a first meeting.

They made a cute home with a puzzle of Siddharth that he has not broken and wanted it to be as such. He made this as the garage for his small cars.

The love Siddharth showered him over the weekend, made difficult for my cousin to say bye to Siddharth when he was leaving for his school today morning. The one cute example is when I and Vivek have to meet a friend yesterday who was not keeping his health well. We thought of dropping these two young men at home. Siddharth wanted to come along, and then we told him we are going to see a uncle who is not well. Mama Wahaan dawayioon kee smell aaygee... (There will be smell of medicine around the patient) Being a parent that we don’t wanted he to come along we agreed to his logic. And yes it gave an opportunity to both of them to know each other more and me to write a post. As when we came back, below was the scene in his room.

My cousin was standing, they were playing a game Janga, truth or dare. You take out one brick and you have to perform whatever is written on that particular brick.

Chintoo Mamu: Sing a song

Siddharth: pahle aap yeh batyo aapko kaun kaun se gaane aate hai ( first tell me which all songs you know)

Chintoo mamu: Mujhe to bahut gaane ate hain.. ( I know many songs)

Siddharth: thik hai pahle yeh batayo aapko kaun se gaane aate hai.. ( that’s ok, first tell me which all songs you know)

Chintoo Mammu ( by this time confused and happy by this little one’s curiosity) decided to sing Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way………………..and we all were laughing after this…

Since today morning our home is full with the fragrance of the flowers he left for Siddharth and the memories he has left behind……………….

Haath chute bhee to rishte nahi tuta karte………