Friday, June 01, 2007

Enjoying Togetherness!!

A small girl walking on the railing at inner circle of CP made my day on one morning going for the course in Lead Auditor for the food safety management system …..

I lowered the glass of my side window said to her in Hindi bahut ache... She gave me a big smile, I waved at her, I could see from my side mirror she waved back at me and a twinkle in her eyes… I wish I could have camera. She made my day..
Next day I took my camera, but she was not there…

The whole process of doing the course was like going back to the college days…..I really enjoyed each and every moment from going early in the morning driving car on the NH 8, reaching at CP in 27 min and amazing victor by sharing this with him to the seeing of airplane landing and taking off from a very close distance …..It is so exciting.

The most happening thing to this course was the trainer my friend, Chinu mere dukh sukh ka saathi… Few days were tough in managing Siddharth, since after Jan this was the first time he went to the day care, Mamma aap roj roj kahaan jate ho… I sat with him and explained him about the training, about the hotel and now if I ask him Siddharth mamma ko course kaun see massi karwati hai he will say very cutely Chunu massi.. and we both will laugh ….

Mona my sweet friend, also did the course with me, first day when she was near the building and she called Chinu on phone to know the address, I was so excited to meet her that I told Chinu I will go and get her here…

My heart was beating meeting Mona after so many years, and there she was ek dum suki patli as she was always…

All five days Mona and me sat together, did our assignments together, writing with the pen, ate together and did the shopping together at CP on the last day….

A friend is the most precious thing on this earth, you don’t pretend for anything in front of them.. Both of them tried hard to make me convince to buy a kurta of their own choice and ended up helping me in selecting the kurta of my choice….

May GOD bless our friendship with many more moments of togetherness and bless them with happiness in their own space of life!!!!